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Monday, December 21, 2015

Baby bump, Ha Ha.

I just saw LeAnne Rhimes, 
TV waffling on about Christmas.
I get the feeling that she,
 is going to tell us she's pregnant.
Never will be.
Plus trouble with Hubby won't help.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me but I get this feeling that her husband is just staying in that marriage for her money. I just don't get a vibe that he is into her and he definitely doesn't want more kids either. Just a matter of time before he dumps her.

Anonymous said...

That's sad I hope she can have kids, but I think that's more to keep Eddy, and her material needs are met.

He can't get a good deal moneywise now that they have been married awhile. He is just in it for the money like Guy Richie was with Madonna. No chemistry or love just meaningless sex.

T. W. said...

Maybe all the steroid medication asthmatics take ruined LeAnne's system. She should not have married that man.

Anonymous said...

This is just sad now.

Anonymous said...

never liked her, or her look. There is something deep down that is evil about this girl. And the guy is probably 8 times worse!!!

I get the feeling she was a spoilt brat as a child, in which her parents are now regretting... and she herself has not dealt with issues going right back to her Teen years! I really think she is sad and miserable person, with deep dark depression also, that she does not like to admit. She just seems so 'hollyweird' fake to me.

I could be wrong, but its Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

He had a vasectomy. Not sure she's aware of that or if she is and is just fronting.

Anonymous said...

He's a tool looking for a sugar momma but can't keep it zipped. Sad sometimes it's love but this never was I doubt she will let him have half.

Anonymous said...

What about Ashley and Evan Ross? They have a cute baby, and Brittany Spears for your 2016 predictions.

Anonymous said...

You can reverse a vasectomy. I don't thing he wants more too costly if they divorce.

Anonymous said...

He supposedly had the vasectomy after he had started seeing LeAnne, so I don't think this was reversed.

Maria said...

Anyone who starts dating a man and get breast implants is a bloody fool! I'm sure she's way better (and richer!) than his looney ex, but this relationship makes me barf. All the time.

Anonymous said...

Her career is really tanking, along with his ex. His career goes up and down, but he doesn't seem to have any luck either.

Norah Black said...

I never liked her either. She is a spoiled brat and not a nice person.