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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dragon or a Shark ?

Multi millionaire Duncan Bannatyne, 66, of The Dragons Den, UK's version of, 
The Shark Tank. 
Is mocked online after posting a picture of himself kissing his girlfriend who is 31 years his junior. No kidding.

Well it's not like it will get to the alter.


Anonymous said...

the fonts and highlight makes it hard to read this. But it looks like he's just having fun with the tart, she thinks I've got this under control and won the lottery the easy way.

T. W. said...

Well if he has to brag about it, it must not be that great.

Anonymous said...

Yep when it's good you keep quiet, but the smile on your face as you deny it says it all.

Anonymous said...

Is James Packer going to marry Mariah Carey?

jane uk said...

His wife left him and i think it hit him hard , he was also trying to pay as little as he could to her and he got found out.He be dating dolly birds ever since. The old goat.