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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

French Hiel.......

This is Marine Le Pen, 
the leader of France's National Front.
She is so far right,
 that there is no where else to go.
Over the weekend,
 she gained even more traction.
These people are really crazy.
Think Nazis..
They are about to gain even more power.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we have the same thing going on in the US with Trump

T. W. said...

Oh no, not again ...

Ragemanchoo said...

She's on par with Michael Savage, the radio personality. National Front is widely considered a white supremacist organization.

Anonymous said...

Thank God the level of people with oudated views is the lesser number on the planet..:-) hopefully :-).

Anonymous said...

the problem we are 18 million who voted on 44 million.

jane uk said...

Rotten news , hope that it doesn't happen. We are all one.

Anonymous said...

What in the heck is happening to this world for so many people to be supporting these radical "Hitler" types of politicians? This is beyond disturbing on so many levels. This world is heading down a really dark road.

Anonymous said...

I have heard about this nazi group in Europe!! So scary! CD, what do you think about Bulgarian Baba Vanga's predictions for 2016….. how Rome will be caliphate for the terrorists in years to come and how Europe will be a waste land…. 2043 should put and end in Syria….how President Obama will be our last president…. Scary stuff! I read this article in the UK Daily Mail. Any thoughts ?? Peace & Blessings CD!

Anonymous said...

That woman also had many predictions that were wrong relax!

Anonymous said...

@Anon December 8 | 10:27 AM

They capitalize on fear. They know exactly how to gain power. That's how these corrupt leaders work and it's sad and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

How is the comparison to nazi?Nazi Germans are responsible for a Holocaust during the WW2.Are you saying that French National Front is planning to kill the muslims?They are agaings terrorists and immigrants and French are now a part of anty ISIS coalition together with The UK,Russia and USA.I don't understand this prediction.

Anonymous said...

The other parties are letting people in who do not integrate and hide away in ghettos then a minority commit terrorist acts. This enables right wing parties. Look at Bradford in England or Marseille in France. They have no go zones for non Muslims.

Anonymous said...

We're aware that Muslims and ISIS are not the same thing, right? That Muslims are trying to escape ISIS, yeah?

Anonymous said...

I've read about horrible Le Pin for years, but never saw a picture of her. She looks quite pleasant! How strange...

NicQuerica said...

The devil has many (pleasant) faces. The wolf disguised as sheep.