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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Very Odd

I was just shaken awake from a strange dream.
In which I was in Liza Minnellis' house.
Where she was having a reading.
Surrounded by odd people.
(I know for par for the course)
Something I won't allow.
Outside was a fire truck outside.
Something is wrong.
She needs to be careful.
Or major sadness ahead.
Yet again.


Anonymous said...

She is a legend, hope someone gets this message to her!

Sarah said...

Love Liza! God protect her from herself! But if she's tired and ready, go peacefully Liza.

Anonymous said...

She is an amazing woman I hope she's okay she has had do much to deal with.

T. W. said...

The poor woman has had a lifetime of sadness. Blessings and peace sent to you Liza.

Anonymous said...

A really good biography to read is by Stevie Phillips. She was Liza's first agent. She tells how Liza was basically left homeless by her mother at 16 and Stevie let her stay in her NY apartment. They had a falling out after Liza made Cabaret.