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Saturday, December 19, 2015

What a clever idea !!!!

So The Royal Family.
Or, their PR office.
Have published the name, the place & picture.
Of Prince George's new school.
In these times, I don't think it was such good idea.
Let's see how long it is.
Before it's burgled or burnt down.
Or worse.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I saw that and thought, "there's a big engraved invitation to kidnappers and stalkers."

T. W. said...

Cute kid.

Why would they publish his school? If it is the PR people they should be fired.

Puffy Bigglet said...

No worries, I'm sure the British taxpayers will foot the bill for a new security system and/or round-the-clock police protection.

Anonymous said...

I thought the exact same thing. Who in the right mind makes a grand announcement to the world of where their future heir to the throne is going to nursery school? They got in such an uproar about paparazzi photos and now do THIS? Really, really STUPID not to mention dangerous. Not just to George but to the rest of the children and staff at the nursery. I still just don't think they quite "get it". They want to raise George on their terms like he is an ordinary kid in the neighborhood. This just show such bad judgement.

Anonymous said...

Someone clearly wasn't thinking with their brain. Such an awful idea to broadcast something so sensitive in the era we live now.

Anonymous said...

That's what I thought how stupid and in every national newspaper worldwide. To even show the building too and security nowadays is useless.

Anyone is a target these days.

Anonymous said...

I love this dear sweet young family!! I hope nothing tragic happens to any one that attends-works the school. I am sure that someone said that wasn't a great idea…. maybe they will change their minds for where George will be going to school.

Alyssa Johnson said...

Sounds like it was done on purpose. I wonder what the true motive is...

Alyssa Johnson said...

Sounds like it was done on purpose. I wonder what the true motive is. Sophisticated, high profile families such as this would NEVER deal with a PR firm so shabby

Anonymous said...

Money and discounts.

Maria said...

That is horrible! You're right in saying the coup would be to target these little royals. Taking down that little school would be nothing to terrorist monsters. What is the matter with people?!

Norah Black said...

I think they are in the press too much and should maybe keep a lower profile.

Iloverescuedogs said...

Prince William was my first crush. I just love his family (as in Kate, the Kids, Harry, his mum... That's pretty much it) too. I hope they stay safe.