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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

WTF .....

Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom fame, and PORN STAR , not a problem, has confirmed. That she is to adopt a child.
Where are child services.
She's clearly a Media Whore & A Slut.
This is a purely a PR Stunt.


Patrick Ganley said...

Speaking of which, will they ever arrest James Deen?

Anonymous said...

Some issues with your site, we love you CD! Anything for money and publicity she does not fit the criteria.

T. W. said...

Who in their right mind would let this woman adopt a child?

Anonymous said...

So, is Tom Hardy a "divo" jerk or what?

Anonymous said...

I think Blind Gossip said the other day that she knows she wouldn't meet adoption qualifications and that she is only doing this as a bid to make her image more sympathetic. And when it inevitably falls through, she will be "heartbroken" for the show. If she really wanted a kid she would look into sperm banks and IVF or surrogates. But she can't even parent the kid she has.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she doesn't make good choices and yes, not fit for an adoption. But to call her a sl*t? Yikes. At least tell me you call men sl*ts too? Keep it equal.

Christian Dion said...

OH I do CD

Iloverescuedogs said...

She is so delusional. The definition of a narcissist. Does she actually believe any adoption agency in the world would approve her just because she WANTS to adopt? Her PR team (I assumed she didn't have one because she's universally disliked) should be fired. Just makes her look like an idiot for having this idea. They should shove her in rehab claim drug abuse or a mental illness (both are pretty obvious), then start from the ground up.

Iloverescuedogs said...

Isn't this the idiot that waxed her pre-schoolers eyebrows?