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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Funny Sunday ...

This coming Sunday.
Once again Ricky Gervais, 
will host 
" The Golden Globes ".
He he .........
He's going to be his very best worst ever.
Let's home some of these over rated, 
over paid, celebrities.
Bring a sense of humor with them.
They are going to need it.


T. W. said...

This is good news.

Carmen Reilly said...

Love Ricky what heart!

Sarah said...

Awesome! Mel Gibson is a presenter!!! He's toast!!

Anonymous said...

He comes across as thinking very highly of himself and his humor is often quite mean-spirited.

DolceMarissa said...

Can you write about Steven Avery? Did he kill Teresa Halbach or was he framed and he's innocent?

Carmen Reilly said...

Mean-spirited? Well he laughs at himself too.

Anonymous said...

I like him because he loves animals and (hopefully) knows they are our equals...or should i say 'teachers'. and funny :-).

NicQuerica said...

I don't care for his brand of humor, either. It's not funny to me, it's vicious and mean and speaks of a troubled soul. Just my opinion.

Erika Byrne said...

Ricky is super sharp and I often cringe at the humour but we have to admit he says it like it is! I personally love him! Bring it on!