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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Isis morons ....

I know that I predicted attacks for Paris,
 a couple of years ago which sadly happened.
Well, this time the feeling is so overwhelming,
 it's making me sick.
I didn't want to post this.
But I have to.
Those fucking terrorists.
Have massive plans in motion.
To attack Paris.
As well as  beyond.
But Paris is where they feel,
 that they will get the biggest effect.


Anonymous said...

I purchased a white figurine of the Eiffel Tower over Christmas. I sensed that the tower is going to be something of the past... in the near future. My grandparents could never have dreamed that something like ISIS would ever exist in this beautiful world.

richard jordan said...

Oh, my goodness. I hope the Parisan government catches them before their plan unfolds. Speaking of Isis. You said that they are thinking about attacking Japan. Why Japan? Doesn't make any sense.

Tony said...

Hi CD. I've been to Paris and visited those lovely sights and have also been up the Eiffel Tower a few years ago. I just hope and pray that nothing happens. And how much our world has changed since then. It's so heartbreaking

T. W. said...

This saddens me. You are right to warn the world.

CyndiTx123 said...

This saddens me!! We all need to pray for Paris and all countries-cities that is targeted by this group…. Isis needs to be destroyed!! Just don't get the hatred they have.

Anonymous said...

How is that possible? The government has imposed martial law.

T. W. said...

Their military doesn't deploy. Has to do with treaties. Plus they have disputes with China. Makes me think radical Islam is in league with the Chinese.

T. W. said...

ISIS and groups like them infiltrate and bide their time.

T. W. said...

The hatred is demonic.

s-mo said...

Hi CD are you getting more details? What to avoid etc. I live there and the place feels weird but that could also be paranoia because I don't see these things. Do you see when/where/what? I hope you're wrong..

Anonymous said...

Will this happen at the Eiffel Tower? If so, perhaps someone from Paris could be reading this and stay clear of that place. Perhaps a life can be saved by confirming a location - hopefully.

Also, this Trump thing. Is he going to win the Republican nomination? Scary thought. And Clinton - is she going to be elected President? Wondering because Sanders is coming on strong. And the Trump thing which totally blows my mind.

Thanks, Christian,


Erika Byrne said...

I send love, light and prayers for all Parisians and those that are spending time in such a beautiful, iconic city. May God give us all the strength to keep walking toward the truth and the light. May we all be unified in love to help defeat all that fills the darkness of their hearts. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kay, Christian has already mentioned in an earlier post that Trump will not win the Republican nomination.

Anonymous said...


Thank you, above Anonymous, about Trump. This is really a crazy election.


T. W. said...


Anonymous said...

I wish Bernie were younger. I am not a fan of socialism but at least his heart is not black. Hillary sold her soul for power and then used that power to take down and terrorize her husband's victims, willing or no. Donald is just a child acting out, but a child with lots of money.
Is this where I say Eff Me? Maybe the FBI will grow a pair and finally one of the Clinton's will be prosecuted for ONE of their dirty deeds. One can hope.

Anonymous said...

11:51-- Are you so wrapped up in yourself that you post your lame political musing on CD's warning of an upcoming, deadly terrorist attack? Shame on you.

jane uk said...

Gunman arrested in disneyland Paris,CD is always spot on.

Iloverescuedogs said...