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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Pure SHAM ...

So the Kardashian PR machine.
Whats you to believe that,
 Kendall Jenner & Harry Styles are dating.
Just because of a holiday.
What ........
As she does't have any ...


T. W. said...

What on earth are people getting in exchange for associating with Kartrashians?

Anonymous said...

CD, If you get an inkling of when the Kartrashian Krap Karavan is going to slow roll to a stop, please post ASAP!

jane uk said...

CD you have a sharp tongue, very dry sense of humour.Love it.

R fan all the way never believe BS said...

What can I say it's the Kartrashians always doing stuff to say in the media lol but it seen like the other PR stuff is still going strong for Rob and Twigs I know CD won't answer but when will it end thanks:)

CyndiTx123 said...

They need to quietly leave the spotlight, besides with all of their riches you would think they would give back ….support the vets of our country, build homes for the poor and help feed them…. Such a self centered family….

Anonymous said...

T.W., most likely: herpes.

Anonymous said...

CD since we talking about PR relationships what do you have to say about one certain relationship that was expected to end by the end of 2015 but didn't yet???? Did sth changed???

Julesy said...

Ahahahahahahahahahha!! Good one!! You could add "the clap"!!! I'm sure there would be a round of applause on that one!! Lol

T. W. said...

Thanks for my laugh today!

Anonymous said...

Which one? Khole broke up with Khadeem.

Anonymous said...

No one is believing the Kendall and Harry thing, which I find to be hilarious.
Harry gives back. It's never super public, but he's not greedy. They're bearding each other, so it seems.

Anonymous said...

RPatz and FKA. It was supposed to "break up" at the end of the year!!! I wonder if their contract is over!

T. W. said...

MediaTakeOut is claiming Kendall is gay. MTO is not always accurate, so we will see.

Anonymous said...

Annoymous: CD has said that timing is the hardest thing to get, and it should be over soon.

Anonymous said...

I saw a lot of rumors about Kendall being gay and for a while. Time will tell. If anything it's nice that they can beard each other and be friends.

As far as that other, look at the signs, patterns, and obvious staging of pap pics, and you'll understand how close this is to ending.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping CD would get this right and it'd end by the end of 2015 but I hope it will end soon, I noticed the pattern too! I don't think it did them any good esp him anyway, as for her i believe she will fade once the contract it's over,she gets attention only when his name is mentioned and I think it's the main reason they dragged it that long!