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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Shuffle Ball, Change ...

Well, well "Dancing With the Stars"
 pro Mark Ballas confirmed he is engaged to longtime girlfriend BC Jean, 
who is also his band mate.
I wonder what Derek thinks?...
Should be interesting ....
Glitter Balls though..


Anonymous said...

had no idea that Derek and him were ever an item? This is funny! I don't understand why every gay actor /actress/athlete have to hide themselves…. Just come out and enjoy your life.

T. W. said...

I see what you did. Thanks for my laugh today.

Anonymous said...

Did Brad Pitt have cosmetic surgery on his face?

Anonymous said...

Very funny and I like the picture - she's leaning into him and he's just sitting there probably wondering if he should get more tattoos.

Anonymous said...

Poor Derek... Mark is waltzing away! Haha

Anonymous said...

Wait a second... What are you all suggesting here? I got a totally different message from Dion's post. Derek is not gay and I don't think Mark is either (but I really do not know this for sure). That said, anytime a bromance (gay or straight) is interrupted by a female, especially a female that becomes a fiancee or wife, I am thinking that there would a little upset, even jealousy. Am I missing something?

Maureen said...

I always got a bromance vibe from Derek and Mark and a definite gay vibe from Derek. Derek's sister was a beard for him and Ryan Seacrest and he has been linked with other not out gay men, or so the gossip goes. I dont think Derek is going to come out as long as he is doing DWTS if he is gay. It really bothers me that there is so much covert activity around sexuality, but the reality is that much of Christian America disapproves of "the gays". As if they were less than human. I wish those people will just grow up and treat all as human despite the unpopular choice in sexuality.

Iloverescuedogs said...

It saddens me that so many celebrities feel they can't come out. Publicly anyways. I'm straight but I'm aware that it's easier said, than done to do so. Especially if you're in the public eye. Will there ever be a time when sexual preference won't be an issue in society? Hope so! Then we can focus on improving the real threats to society like terrorist, child molesters and animal abusers.
God bless you, Christian!