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Monday, January 4, 2016

TOLD YA Splitsville ..


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Walk about .....

Here's a lovely pic of Leonardo DiCaprio,
 and his latest girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach
Or as I would call her notch.
Having a stroll in New York, how sweet.
Lets hope she's not expecting a Xmas pressie.


T. W. said...

What is with this man? Why does he use women like this?

Maria said...

If Leo was smart he would date someone like me - older and wiser. We have so much in common too, like saving wildlife and the environment. We could save the world together. Leo!

But I have dark hair (strike!) and am not a model (strike!). Plus I'm not 20 years younger than he is (strike!). Then again I wouldn't date someone who has only slept with models. Kind of superficial.

Oh well, he's living the life!

Anonymous said...

Any guesses on why they broke up?

There was a recent picture of him and her family enjoying Thanksgiving that one of her Family leaked online. Was this an issue do you think? I know that he is a really private man and doesn't like his relationship played out in the tabloids so unless he was really, really in love with someone, I imagine it would bother him. Like him, I can't bare to have my photos taken and shared on social media so I can kinda get that.

Was it her fault as she crossed the line too much for him to see her for the Fame whore that most of his fans had presumed her to be or is Leo just not as nice as the world or I would like to perceive him to be?
Do you think hes a good guy Christian or is he tainted like the rest of them?

I apologize if I'm asking too much of you christian.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure these girls know the deal. The is not the only one doing the using. More than a few of the top models working today built and or furthered their career of the back of being linked to or dating Leo.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant actor. His work on the Revenant is amazing. I wish he dated women nearer his own age but they are all consenting adults so each to their own. I would not pity these girls too much. No one holds a gun to their head and no one who dates Dicaprio can claim not to know his m.o. beforehand.

Anonymous said...

Hi christian. i have few questions.
She starts to act. Do you think she will be succesfull? (baywatch remake with the rock)
Many psychics say Leo will be a father this year, do you see the same? And if so will the mummy be someone he truly loves?
sorry if i ask too much. thank you

Anonymous said...

Will he get an Oscsr this year?

Anonymous said...

Leonardo diCatchaho