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TOLD YA, Well as least she wasn't driving..

Saturday, January 30, 2016

For God's Sake .....

So Rob Kardashian has confirmed,
that he is dating Blac Chyna.
(Whoever she is).
She is clearly a money grabbing fame whore.
Not that Rob and his family are any less.
In a way the all deserve each other.
But, I get the feeling that she,
will be the push over the cliff.

That he won't be able to climb back from.
(His mother must be spitting blood.....)


T. W. said…
He needs to dump this woman fast.
Anonymous said…
I guess this is for real...i thought it was a joke
Erika Byrne said…

We never choose a partner by chance. There is a need for Rob to choose this lady and whilst it is clear to the rest of us I have a bad feeling that before he understands why it may be too late. I send Rob love, hope and understanding because he clearly has a hungry heart and when the heart is hungry it will accept almost anything. I know. Sending prayers.
Anonymous said…
But the family do drugs from boredom.
Anonymous said…
Rob, takes this Chyna to the pawn shop... Hey TW!
Iloverescuedogs said…
The only good to come out of this is, hopefully, a really good tell-all.
Anonymous said…
How did these two meet? Unbelievable

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