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Monday, January 25, 2016

Where down under, I wonder ...

So Mariah Carey and Aussie James Packer,
 are engaged.
How nice..
Well, it's not going to last.
If it does get to the alter.
It'll be over before the cakes gone hard.


Anonymous said...

And Jerry Hall and Rupert, she has no shame. Mariah loves the money and attention and doesn't have to produce kids. It works for them both they don't need to get married unless he provides a contract to give her money. But the ring and other jewelry are probably the settlement. I hope she's bright enough to get the using on his part too.

T. W. said...

I doubt it will get to the alter too. They are both still married to other people. Mariah needs to take her meds and rest her voice.

Anonymous said...

No, no, I disagree. Both these women already have money... millions! They don't need to marry some man for money -- not that they would marry someone without, but that's not why they are marrying these men. I think they are marrying for POWER and an ego trip. I mean who do you marry after someone like Mick Jagger? As far as Mariah is concerned, she has always been power-hungry. Her ex-husband Nick could not give her that power, except for maybe in the bedroom. But as women get older, there is more to life than boys...but a very rich and powerful man -- yes indeed, they would consider that! My two cents.

Erika Byrne said...

I don't think there is anybody here in Australia that understands this at all???? NEVER EVER going to last. Just saying. lol.
Love and blessings friends and CD. xx

Anonymous said...

Oh no Christian! In my romantic heart I wanted to believe that these two are soul mates who have finally found unconditional love. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

Mick Jagger never married Jerry Hall it was a big scandal at the time Mick is smart when it comes to Money. Mariah married money the rest is history a gold digger does not marry for love. Yolonda Foster allegedly has money but is seeking spousal support from David.

All of this is about money.

Anonymous said...

Younger versions of Rupert and Jerry Hall. The only love here is a love of publicity.

Sarah said...

She is yo-yo dieting. This means she's not comfortable in her life. Poor thing! They aren't even divorced from their spouses!

Melic21 said...

oh yes now everyone outside of Australia knows who james packer is!!! has worked perfectly from a PR perspective for him! i definitely feel he is a little unstable not sure if he is still connected to Scientology but that says enough, poor Kerry would be turning in his grave LOL!!