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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Cradle snatcher ...

Actor Henry Cavill.
Is dating a 19yr old woman.
Whom he will unveil at the Oscars.
Should be interesting.
However it won't last.
Nor will it do his career any good.
Oh well...


T. W. said...

What on earth do they have in common? I guess they just want to have their fun for now.

Anonymous said...

Cd thoughts on Rob and twigs break up? Media coverage soon? -AJ

Anonymous said...

Trump con and nightmare will be over soon. It would be a nightmare if he got in but the powers that be won't let him in.

Anonymous said...

So what? She's a legal adult and he's hot.

Anonymous said...

Wow, interesting. I don't really have an issue with this either. It's not like he's an old guy dating a child -- he is a gorgeous man and he seems like a nice guy. Paul Walker was 40 when he died and his girlfriend was 23. He started dating her when he was 33 years old and she was 16 years. Now that I take issue.

nico123 said...

Will this affect the Batman/Superman movie? The movie trailers are cheesy.

Anonymous said...

Hilary is the prom queen of the banks. She is the establishment candidate. Establishment candidates always get elected.

Anonymous said...

He's never been one to have long relationships. Lucky girl! But, I agree....no way it will last. Just a fling! Thanks for all your predictions. Love 'em!

CyndiTx123 said...

He is hot…. :) On another note…. Getting ready to go see Bernie Sanders this afternoon! Super excited to see what I will see and hear. I hope Bernie has been taking extra care of his health, since I remember your prediction of Bernie regarding his health last year. Have a Happy Saturday CD!

Anonymous said...

Consenting adults big deal. I agree it won't help his career but it won't really hurt it either. He's jus not famous enough for it to really matter.

Maria said...

It's so gross. He may think it's a trophy to have such a young girl on his arm but to me it speaks to a deeper issue and insecurity. Or a control freak.