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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I see "RED" paint in her future.

So selfish bitch Kim Kardashian-West.
Has decided not just to be cruel to animals.
She has also told PETA to "PISS Off".
Well she better be ready for the backlash.
Plus she involves her sprog in the madness.
Someone please call child services.
Clearly she'll be voting Trump...
She should avoid splashing around the sparkles,
 in Paris & London.


CyndiTx123 said...

I am so tired of her and her all family….. When will this pain stop CD? Please say soon!! Have a great Presidents Day CD!!

Erika Byrne said...


Anonymous said...

She could always wear faux fur, but decides not to. What is wrong with this woman??

T. W. said...

I didn't think California got that cold.

Anonymous said...

CD, What do you see/feel coming for NY/NJ very soon? Where is this problem located and how do we stop it? Thank You!

Anonymous said...

LOL! She is as much of an idiot as her husband. What a beauty....telling PETA to "Piss Off". Oh, will she regret that! And, just look at that photo...she looks like a streetwalker. Seriously....if you saw a woman standing on a corner in that monstrosity of low class...'er's just cheap looking. No amount of money in the world will by the Kardashian's something called....CLASS!

Anonymous said...

Their empire well fake one crumbles and falls.

Anonymous said...

Kocktails with khole has been cancelled. Another told yay.

Anonymous said...

Is her husband really in debt? He seems like he is trying to take back what he said

Melic21 said...

oh i hope she gets pelted with the red paint and loses some huge endorsement deals please!!! i know that sounds horrible but karma people karma

Anonymous said...

Her child looks miserable. She looks like she is wearing lipstick. And where is Saint? No pictures of him yet.

T. W. said...

DiCatchaho got a BAFTA. Will he win Oscar?

Sarah said...

Lady Gaga's performance just made her a future Anerican Icon Entertainer

Norah Black said...

I was just wondering if she intentionally told PETA to "piss off" so they would throw paint on her and then she can be in the news again playing the victim and getting more attention.

Anonymous said...

she isn't bright enough to know how to vote, so clearly, she will be voting for whomever her husband tells her to vote for.

I do so hope she is assaulted with paint every single time she ventures out in one of her disgusting death couture outfits. Paint that leaves permanent stains.

jane uk said...

There's a old saying over here, don't know if it is said over in USA . Fur coat , no knickers. CD will know it. She is like alot of people who don't care about animal welfare, including how they are treated in the food chain.

Anonymous said...

Fur coat, no brains!

Maria said...

I feel my chest tighten every time I see her in those vulgar coats. I mean it. And then to see her kid wearing them is just further insult. It's sick. To me it's the ultimate sign that you are a selfish person - wearing the fur ripped from a beautiful animal who deserved to live.

Anonymous said...

But her brains are in her knickers! Therefore, fur coat, no knickers, no brains.