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TOLD YA, BREAKDOWN.....around the corner ..

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What a DICK......

Mega Moron Ego fame whore,
 Kanye West.
Is claiming that he has the point creatively that Michael Jackson didn't.
Some kind of glass ceiling.
Well Kanye here's some news for you.
It isn't a ceiling. it's floor.
Very soon you will hear,
 the sound of breaking glass.
As you topple from you own,
 imagined pinnacle of fame.

Can't wait.


T. W. said…
Thank you Christian for this quick update!

Kanye hasn't been well since his mother died. Please get help Kanye, you will feel better.
CyndiTx123 said…
He is a big mess!! Just would like for them to go away…. Seeing pics of how they dress, what kind of make up, etc. So tired and refuse to read and look at their pics…. When I see them, I move on to something that is more interesting…. Thanks for the info CD!!
Anonymous said…
Hope someone cares enough because the K 's don't.
Anonymous said…
Kartrashian curse strikes another man down ! #blackpeen matters
Anonymous said…
The universe has probably been tapping on his shoulder for some time to shut up and grow up. He has ignored these "taps" and now, by the sounds of it, is headed for a big fall. Michael Jackson did not have to walk around saying how great he was, because he was! Michael always thanked God when he won an award and was always humble. His record/concert sales and fans supported that belief. Kanye needs this wake-up call and he might indeed suffer greatly, but he needs to change. He's not that talented, not a male Beyonce and can't and will not get the record sales or fame that Taylor Swift has achieved.
Anonymous said…
Street corner Yeezus - will the TrashKan Koven try to get his money (if he has any) too?
Anonymous said…
Another told you so ...People reports that Gwen broke up with Blake..over miranda phone calls
Maria said…
I cannot wait either!

I cannot stand one thing about Kanye - not his music, fashion, ego or his wife. I wish I could filter him out altogether.
Anonymous said…
Please keep us posted on the new Mrs Blac Kardashian to be and if she has the first baby to carry the Kardashian name, and perhaps, what blac and rob would call their baby? eg Kanye Kardashian, Krown Kardashian,?

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