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Sunday, February 21, 2016

TOLD YA .. No Bush ..


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another Bush in hand ha ha....

So as Jeb Bush, 
gets ready to announce his run in 2016.
He and his family seem to think, they can get a third Bush in the Whitehouse.
But don't worry it'll get pruned.


T. W. said...

The fix is in for Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Fix it is.

jane uk said...

Yes it is the same over here. CD do you see uk leaving EU?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he and the establishment ever thought the American people would want another Bush in office. I am now wondering if Trump will be the GOP nominee and if not him....who? Either way....Hillary is in and I don't know too many people that are that excited by her. They will vote for her because she is the best (if you want to call it that) out of the entire bunch of candidates running this term but she is a very polarizing figure. And, if she can't unite her own party voters...how in the heck will she unite Congress members to get anything passed. I think a GOP led Congress will veto everything she tries to pass. They hate her worse than Obama.

Anonymous said...

He just doesn't have it!

Anonymous said...

Third would be a travesty all about ego and business deals nothing about the people. I am so glad they blocked it now the Clintons are doing the same thing.

Melic21 said...

just on a side note CD another toldya here : http://clashdaily.com/2015/02/kanye-west-wants-photo-removed-internet-share-around/?utm_source=referral&utm_medium=facebook.com&utm_campaign=politicalinsider&utm_term=imposts

CyndiTx123 said...

Got back into the country and Just found out about this! About time!! Also, CD met up with some nice folks from Lancashire and other fine folks from Cambridge. I told them about my nice friend who is from Yorkshire. :) Anyway- have a great day!!