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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

TOLD YA, worse to come too..MORON.......


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Napoleonic ....

I always have thought that Jeremy Piven.
Was an arrogant moron.
Plus of course he's a midget.
But he just popped into my mind.
I feel a massive Ego correction coming his way.
Which of course he won't take any notice of.
So he's likely to end up..
(He used to live around the corner from me, he's is just as arrogant in real life.)


Anonymous said...

Sad he must have Nene Leakes syndrome.

T. W. said...

Never liked the guy.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The new boyfriend is no kind of upgrade, either-- read the article. It looks like she just went from one insufferable asshole to another. Kind of like the Kardashians do.

Anonymous said...

In agreement with everyone and with Christian. I never liked Jeremy and never watched his shows. He does come across as an arrogant p***k. I have to say that his taste in women is a tad creepy. Her ridiculous fake lips and enormous fake breasts -- gross. Ugh, these people probably all deserve one another.

jane uk said...

He looks it.

fatine el aabdallaoui said...

What about tom hiddelston ?? Please?

Anonymous said...

What about tom hiddelston ?? Please? Merci CD

T. W. said...

MTO is claiming Kim Kardashian filed divorce papers. Please give us a gossip update. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This whole story with him and that new dude posting his phone number and just the gf they're fighting over bc she has big tits, so ridiculous.