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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Too much powder ?

So here's a lovely pic of,
 Cristiano Ronaldo flaunting his muscles.
In his latest CR7 underwear range.
Looks like an exploding Rainbow to me.
No doubt his knickers will be a best seller.


Anonymous said...

He doesn't want to cone out.

T. W. said...

I see it too.

cecilia bryant said...

Darn it. I knew there was something about him too. Score three (?) for intuition. Oh man all the illusions in this world are being revealed to me.

Anonymous said...

For a guy that doesn't want to supposedly not come out, he sure is not trying hard to make that happens. My spider senses tell me that he wants to be free and for the public to know.

Sana Laajab said...

Is everyone turning gay...or has been gay all of their lives?
How could one tell,....he does however look like a sparkling fairy in this picture

jane uk said...

Very much a shame you can't be yourself in sport.