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Thursday, March 10, 2016

It'll be grand ...

Actress Zoe Sladana is about to portray singer, Nina Simone.
In the upcoming biopic movie.
Now although I feel the movie,
 itself will catch some flack.
Her performance will be a hit.


T. W. said...

Zoe is black when it is convenient. A lot of black people are complaining about her being cast as Nina.

Anonymous said...

She's very talented and hopefully this movie will expose more people to Nina Simone's beautiful music.

CyndiTx123 said...

I have been reading people upset that they made her face look darker and not hired an already darker colored african american actress to play the part…. Let's be real, it's a movie to play any part you are made up from the make up artist to look like the real person they are playing. tired of all of naysayers...

Maria said...

Actors are here to act. Sometimes that means wearing masks, costumes and or make-up. Nothing new. In that regard I can't believe the relatives, fans and general hating public are up in arms over this. Whaaa? I mean there has to be a reason Zoe was chosen over other actresses. They must have saw something they wanted in her. To portray this as blackface, as if it had anything to do with the way white performers denigrated black people back in the day is a far reach. And really the amount of hate being shared and thrown towards Zoe is just so ugly. It says more about the person throwing it than anything or anyone else. Jesus Christ, it's a movie. Zoe didn't kill anyone! Some perspective please.

Anonymous said...

Oh the haters! Just because Zoe is a beautiful women they feel they have to criticize her. I agree with all comments posted here, she is an actress portraying a role. Glad to hear it will be a success!

Gillis Hills said...

Anyone complaining that she's not black enough are just as guilty as those who say someone is not white enough. Racism is racism.

jane uk said...

Good on her, Gillis says it completely right.

Anonymous said...

I think the point some people are making is that there are at least 3 other African American actresses that would've physically fit the role better, but instead they chose a Dominican/Puerto Rican actress who has had more box office success and is more "attractive" in some opinions. Viola Davis, Danai Gurira, or Lupita Nyongo look more like Nina, and would not have needed the black face and nose prosthetic and, in my opinion, are more talented.

auntliddy said...

Agree. Just actress doing her job band from what i have read about Nina, who is portraying her us least thing family shld be worried about. She was kind of the naomi campbell of her day, and a single mother who beat her daughter from a young age.

Anonymous said...

People have to understand that there is more than meets the eye. Viola Davis may have been considered, but she already has a hit television show and is committed to doing that. Plus, perhaps salary was an issue, who knows? Lupita Nyongo is an Oscar winner and considered an "A" actress, which equals high pay. Perhaps the producers had a certain budget that didn't fit more qualified or more applicable actresses, or there were time constraints. We really don't know but one things for sure, bashing Zoe because she got this role is not fair nor is it productive. Let's see how she does and then state your opinions. Christian has already told us that the movie will be a hit, so let's hope it is. Black, brown, white, yellow, who cares? It's a role and she is an actress portraying a black woman. Who cares whether she has prosthetics to look more like Nina Simone? So many roles in so many movies they have done this, why not for this movie? Let it be...

T. W. said...

Didn't Nicole Kidman wear a prosthetic nose to portray Virginia Wolfe? I think she got an Oscar for that role.

Anonymous said...

Zoe can't act.

Anonymous said...

TV shows have hiatuses when other projects can be worked on. Oscar winner does NOT equal high pay. This is all speculative obviously, but if an actress is passionate about a project, the pay doesn't matter. Oh, and Viola has 2 movies in post-production along with her TV show.

T. W. said...

Nina's daughter does not like the casting choice and says the movie is full of lies.