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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Not good ...

No surprise that Scott "IsDick" Disick.
Is back to drinking.
Personally I don't think he ever stopped.
But which is true.
I don't think this time he'll get passed this.


Anonymous said...

How unfortunate, he has so much going for him. Too much money and too little purpose.

T. W. said...

Kartrashian Koven Kurse strikes again.

Anonymous said...

Kris Humphries realizes he had a lucky escape.

jane uk said...

T.W i agree.

Melic21 said...

oh dear i feel sorry for him, his voice does not match his looks LOL!

Tony said...

Hi CD. Off the subject here, my team Arsenal have been going through a bad patch lately and are eight points behind the leaders. You said I would be pleased with them at the end of the season. Will they still win the league or a cup? Many thanks and blessings to you. Tony

Anonymous said...

It is not the Kardashian curse. These men did not develop their addictions after they got involved, but had them prior to. The Kardashian women choose these men into their lives. With the exception of Humphries, who seemed like a pretty straight shooter type of guy with no addictions, all the others seem to have some sort of addiction (alcohol, drugs, sex, fame, etc.). The question is WHY the Kardashian women are choosing these men when they themselves do not have addictions. I think it is very difficult to find men who want to be with strong, successful women, so they end up with this lot. That is common within Hollywood and in the real world.

Anonymous said...

I read that he is also now addicted to sleeping pills. I don't think he will get past this either. Nighty Night Scott.

Anonymous said...

The K's are not Hollywood they are reality TV nonsense and most were fine before they got involved with the family and the drugs the family are into. They will sell out anyone for money.

CyndiTx123 said...

He lost both parents. He is a big mess and needs help. I hope he doesn't lose his life over this addiction - especially since he has 3 little ones.

Anonymous said...

Does this guy have 9 lives?


Anonymous said...

I'm so incredibly sick of hearing about the kardashians. Why must we hear about anything at all involving them? Who cares.