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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Not so Super.....

Actor Henry Cavill, 
seems to be believing his own publicity.
Oh well, if he carries on down this path.
There's a mighty fall in front of him.
This time there won't be a detour.


T. W. said...


CyndiTx123 said...

He is so pretty to look at…. sad that he is an ass and thinks he is God's gift to women...… Loved him in TUdors though...….

jane uk said...


Anonymous said...

CH will you please be more clear about your prediction? I'm not English native speaker and you talks about ''believing his own publicity '' in Hiddlestone perdictions too. What does it mean this game words?

Common Sense said...

I think what Christian is saying is that Henry's ego is getting too inflated for his own good. Being associated with terms such as "Man of Steel," "Larger than Life," "Superman," and was once considered for the lead as "James Bond" can sometimes change you, good or bad. He's a gorgeous man, extremely fit, and rich. Women probably fall all over him all the time. Perhaps all this is going to his "head" and as we have all seen lately what can happen with men with big egos (Trump), the higher they climb, the more we can see their ass.

Anonymous said...

Henry always goes on about how he used to be an ugly duckling and fat as a kid, so it's no wonder that he's letting his ego get the best of him. In any manner, looks or no looks, he does come off like meat-head.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your explanations Common Sence.