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Friday, March 4, 2016


Told Ya, Trump luvs KKK


Friday, September 11, 2015

NO WHITEHOUSE for Babyfart ...

So as Donald "Babyfart" Trump,
 surges in the polls.
He is in real danger of winning the nomination.
(Then some nutjob NRA will then knock him off)
But he won't get the keys to the Whitehouse.
I can't wait till the news,
 re his support to/from the KKK.
Becomes known.


Anonymous said...

Last night's debate was a tragedy. Embarrassing in the eyes of the world. I had to shut the TV off. Trump did not shine and should have remained a leader with class and not given in to the Republican nominee's comments. His daughter and wife must have cringed at his comments last night. Awful.

Anonymous said...

We are baffled by the Republican Party, all these years they've been in tight with the evangelical Christians, and have blasted democrats for every moral failing in the book. Why is it ok for their leading presidential candidate to be worse than any democrat president? The top republican candidate gives speeches with the f word, mofo, talks about his dick, has been married three times and is a womanizer, has a future First Lady who has done nudies and videos, lies and lies again, has extremist views worthy of a demigogue, cheats in his business dealings.
Why is this ok? If it wasn't ok, they would throw him out of the party and not even let him use their platform to run for president. They don't just let anyone show up and declare themselves a republican candidate.

Where are the evangelicals now? All the big name tv preachers? All the condemners of democrat morals? I was raised republican, but not only me, but my extended family are turning away from the party and all these holier than thou hypocrite Christians. We are done with them.

T. W. said...

I am Christian and I vote Democrat. I hear you about the hypocrite Christians.

Anonymous said...

But as far as Democrats go, Hillary is an improvement but I don't think she would necessarily be the right person for president. She is very intelligent and tough, but I don't think she can handle the stress.

CyndiTx123 said...

I am Christian and I also vote Democrat. I live in a republican state, they are so many of them that are hypocritical, judgmental, and always curious as to what religion you practice. I just wish everyone were all true "Christians" and just be kind, caring, & loving with one another, instead filled with animosity because my beliefs doesn't correspond with yours…. Can't we all just get along. Ready for the Trump Show to be cancelled and not renewed for the next season!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us if Trump will get the nomination or will the GOP force him out at a brokered convention? Somehow, I just can't see him getting the nomination for whatever reason....even though he seems to be headed in that direction. No way that "Little" Rubio (lol) or Ted Cruz (Ugh) will have a chance to beat Hillary and Romney just looks like a fool trying to gain relevance in the media. Hillary is headed straight to the White House for sure....while the GOP continues to IMPLODE! That's the karma they get for cheating not only Gore but Kerry from getting into the White House. If only people knew the shenanigans that go on behind the scenes during elections.

Anonymous said...

I echo everyone's sentiments so far. Less than 24 hours after that vulgar display, Trump has said he could beat up Rubio (in so many words); and he's cancelled his appearance at CPAC because they won't allow him to speak longer than the others. (He doesn't have any answers!)


Christian Dion said...

Already have CD

T. W. said...

The Trump show is cheap entertainment. May we not forget what we have learned about him because of it.

cecilia bryant said...

Goodness, with all the talk of what Trump has done, I must watch it. I try to stay away but you can sense the hate and fear in Trump's voice. Who's gonna clean up this mess?

Anonymous said...

Why not? How long was she questioned for
12 hours
She can handle it