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Sunday, April 24, 2016

All about the money ...

As Micheal Strahan, 
stabs Kelly Ripa in the back.
Along with his bosses.
If he thinks doing this is going to make his career.
In fact the very opposite...


Anonymous said...

Welp, there goes the neighborhood. I don't feel sorry at all for Mr. GAYhan. Hope he kept his $ in the closet, i mean bank. How hosts does that cornball Beyond-say propaganda machine needs?

Anonymous said...

Cue the Dieon Sanders Song Must Be the Money! Listen to it at your own risk. Ha Ha.

Anonymous said...

According to Katt Williams, he sold out to "they". Ironically, Prince was against and did not trust or like streaming services. Jay-z somehow has Prince's music on Tidal. Can the dead rest?

T. W. said...

I was hoping for the best. Oh well.

Mariefass said...

Ungrateful people are the worst...BUT karma is about to come knocking at this guy's door.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering about this Christian and what you would see about it. I hope Anderson Cooper becomes Kelly's new cohost.
This is off topic but there's been so much speculation about Prince's death. Will the real truth come out with the full autopsy report or will there still be something hidden?

Common Sense said...

Thank you Christian for clarifying the situation. Many online felt it was no big deal. Well, it was a big deal, especially to Kelly Ripa, his co-host. She was the one who hired him to be her co-host. She chose him over many other hopefuls. It is a cushy, well-paid gig and when you quit one job to go to another (usually, always for more money or status) in an unprofessional way (that is, did not give proper notice or did not discuss with your boss PRIOR to accepting the job). This is the right way to quit one job and accept another. You don't do it the opposite way and you never piss on the person who gave you the job in the first place, such as Michael did with Kelly. I would not only be blown away by Michael's faux pas, but the ABC executives. Kelly Ripa has every right to be upset. I do not wish people ill, but karma's a bitch, MICHAEL.

Develyn Quinn said...

Hi CD, any changes for me soon? I feel spiritually tired.

Anonymous said...

I actually like Michael, but, am disappointed in his actions. So if he gets karma for this, so be it.

The Original Sarah said...

I like Strahan more than Ripa but when I first heard I immediately thought that the Karma gods were going to get him one day. CD just confirmed!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kelly is so made she will go eat some food. Rumor has it her spouse will replace Mike. If so it will be the kiss of death for their marriage.

Anonymous said...

Thank you CD. My sisters arrived safely back to Oz from their trip to USA! My business helping people is slowly building up. But my boyfriend is still going out with those girls and being immature. Hoping he makes the changes you predicted soon or I find happiness and peace away from the relationship. Our daughter deserves better! Thank you again

Jane UK said...

Won't make him happy . Can't build happiness on someone's misery.

cecilia bryant said...

I gotta admit this GIF is pretty funny. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

GMA has been a sinking ship ever since Sam Champion and his coworker left. I do agree that Strahan won't be able to right that ship. Like you will come back to bite him in the long run. But, I do think Kelly has acted like an immature fool over Strahan's departure. Should they have given her the heads up? Sure but she should have played it smooth and congratulated him and then socked it to the execs next year when her contract is up. She spends her paycheck as fast as she gets it and they know she can't afford to quit the show.

Erika Byrne said...

I think any betrayal is hard to understand but it too is an opportunity for amazing spiritual growth. Weather either Michael or Kelly take the opportunity to learn will be seen. In the meantime Spirit takes care of all else. Surrender. God bless all. xx

Anonymous said...

ABC lately has had a lot of bad press for their treatment of the women who work for them. Look at Stana Kanic for example. As soon as I heard of this, I wondered if this move won't bring GMA down a peg or two. NBC took quite a huge hit over Ann Curry's exit, and I believe this will backfire not only on GMA/ABC but on Michael as well. Karma, gotta love it.

NicQuerica said...

First off, Kelly is NOT his boss nor anyone else's. She's an employee of ABC/Disney just like Michael is. She didn't hire him, and he is not obligated to report anything to her. He did what the REAL bosses told him to, which was to keep his mouth shut about leaving until the time when they felt it was necessary to announce his departure. So let's just clear that all up right now. Furthermore a true professional doesn't throw a public tantrum as Kelly has. You put your big girl panties on and show up for work like she's contractually obligated to do, and if she's angry about Michael dropping the bomb on her like he did, that's for her to take up with him and with ABC/Disney PRIVATELY.

Common Sense said...

First of all, Kelly has been on the show for 15 years, and has been the main host of LIVE since 2011. Michael has been the co-host for four years. For your information, Kelly earns 20 million a year and Michael earns 10 million. She may not have hired him directly, but you can bet your bottom dollar that she played a big part on whether or not to hire him for the job. Kelly chose him over many others. I don't know about you, but if someone hired me and paid me 10 million dollars, I would be indebted, grateful, thankful to that person for the golden opportunity.

Discussing the new full-time GMA job with Kelly first, before announcing it would have been not only kind and respectful, but the right thing to do. Instead, he blindsided her! So let's clear that all up right now.

And even if the GMA executives told him not to discuss the move with anyone until a certain date, he still could have discussed it privately with Kelly out of respect when he was given the green light. I don't think you have any idea of how much work it goes into finding another host and how it upsets the apple cart of the whole LIVE show production when a co-host suddenly departs the show.

Kelly is sending a message to Michael and the ABC executives by not showing up for work. She took a stand and rightly so. She is upset and angry and has every right to feel that way. He's her dam co-host! She probably considered him a friend. Some "friend" he was! If the situation was reversed, Kelly would be tarred and feathered in the media. There are right and wrong ways to deal with people in business and in life. You have your blunt ways and thoughts, and you are entitled to that. But I think kindness and honesty does not have to be about BRUTALITY.

Anonymous said...

NicQ, Why don't you show the Kelly sympathizers where she publicly threw a tantrum? On her Twitter? Facebook? Or did she tell the bosses that she needed time off to process all this and someone from the REAL bosses office's leaked that info to the press? Let's clear this all up right now. We've all taken a day or two of mental health time off work, we just don't all have folks in our office who call the press over it, Obviously you believe that taking time off when you need to de-stress is unprofessional, and you blame the individual who had her private business aired without consent the perpetrator, and those who leaked that info the professional/victim. Your misogyny is showing, and it's not attractive.

T. W. said...

The gossip sites are saying Kelly "threw a tantrum." I don't know what she was thinking by not showing up, but it does make her look bad.

Jules Carter said...

Why can't he get another job? Kelly took over for Kathy Lee under less than positive circumstances.