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Monday, April 18, 2016

Bright eyes, IDIOT ..

Brit Actor Robson Green, 
has a new loved one. A married woman. 
With two children.
In fact she's the wife of a Vicar.
Now even the dumb asses that would vote,
 for Trump know that this is wrong.
After all the Vicar has God's direct line ha ha.
Won't last....


T. W. said...

I had to look this man up on Wikipedia and found the scandal there. I wonder who posted it.

Anonymous said...

So apparently Robert Dinero is an anti-vaxxer? He's already messed up part of his acting legacy doing bad movies, but will this further hurt his career?

jane uk said...

Wye eye Man, this is all over the toon, haddaway.

jane uk said...

Thankyou Christain , you made my monday morning begin with a big smile with this. I love your site. Even though some of the stars you talk about not heard of them ,as i'm not from USA. I still love hearing about them.You really are the best CD please don't stop this site ever.It was great to see a story from England. Love you Christain, blessings and love to you.

Anonymous said...

looks like Dilma is going to be impeached. Is Angela Merkel going to be the next to go?

Anonymous said...

What in heck's name does this have to do with Trump? Really now, stop being so vindictive! I have never even heard of this actor, not really news in my opinion....