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Friday, April 29, 2016

Could work ...

Rylan Clark-Neal, the camp can't sing, 
singer from UK X Factor.
HAs been given his own talk show.
Which if the powers that be, 
give it a chance, 
it'll work.
He's also in the new AbFab movie.
As an airline steward.
Dare I say type casting ??


chris said...

OK, that new AbFab Movie is so exciting!!! Cannot wait. July 1 release in US. I will be first in line;)

T. W. said...

I hope he gets his chance.

Anonymous said...

The big winners of reality shows are the ppl who don't make the cut. Jennifer Hudson and William Hung anyone?

Jane UK said...

Love Rylan, hope he does well. Will his personal life be as good? His husband came across abit fame hunter, when they 1st got together CD.