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Monday, April 11, 2016

Lost Wages to the West End ...

Well, well it appears that Britney Spears.
Is being courted to do, 
 in London this Christmas.
At the famous London Palladium.
Not that she'll understand any of,
 Panto's topsy turvy World.
They want to pay her close to a million dollars.
For five weeks work.
That's not enough.
Mind you she won't get it anyway....


T. W. said...

I didn't know people still liked pantomime. I feel sorry for Britney, her life is not her own.

Anonymous said...

So they won't pay it, because she doesn't perform.

Common Sense said...

She looks different. She has had some plastic surgery done to her face? Gee, she is so young. What is she, 30? Anybody who would want to pay me a million dollars to be Cinderella for five weeks, all I could say is THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

David furnish - (seemingly)did the dirty on auld Elton!! What is going on with this?

jane uk said...

T.W what are you saying? Here in England we love panto , i use to take my kids, now i take the grandkids. Still a popular thing here .Always felt sorry for Britney as well.Love reading your comments always as T.W.

cecilia bryant said...

Not apart of the topic, CD....this year and beyond is going to be awful. Just like you said. I didn't realize how bad the intentions of other countries were. Their intentions are really bad.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Britney too. I like her.


Gillis Hills said...

She's a one trick pony, so she'd best stay in Vegas.

T. W. said...

Hi janeuk. Mimes are made fun of on American television. I do not live in a major city so I do not know if mimes can make a living there.

As far as Britney, her handlers control all aspects of her life. Just because someone is bipolar does not mean they can't take care of themselves and others. There is a rumor she has another illness, I don't want to say what it is because I hope it is not true. Let's just say she was seen stepping barefoot on a dirty needle years ago. That incident made news on the gossip shows then.

jane uk said...

T.W only having a laugh, english sense of humour , wasn't being serious , you are lucky not living in a city. I've always like Britney , fame and money not worth the price.Poor Britney very sad.Love and blessings to you T.W.

T. W. said...

Thank you Janeuk. God bless you always!