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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I thought he'd died ...

Convicted abuser and rapper Chris Brown.
Has a new project.
A documentary about himself.
(Of Course)
"Welcome to My Life"
He made it himself, 
I can't wait.


Frugal and Fabulous said...

As a survivor of an abusive relationship whose anniversary of escaping that relationship for good coming up on Friday, I found his remarks so typical...after reading an article of what he said, I was.not surprised when he played the victim and called himself america's sweetheart....typical narcissistic, abusive,controlling little boy

T. W. said...

I don't like this poor excuse of a man.

jommy said...

I was waiting for this 'melon head' to go FULL-TARD!. seems I did not have to wait very long. Bwwhahahaah! LOL! :-P

Nice one CB! LOL... his douchery has hit and all time record peak!!

Anonymous said...

"Welcome to My Lies."

Anonymous said...

Too funny!

Anonymous said...

What da fuqq!? He's trying to gain sympathy for the devils. Wait until someone treat his daughter the same way. Payback is a check u don't want to cash...

jane uk said...

His star is fading ,he got too big for his boots.

CyndiTx123 said...

YUCK, another crappy show….. This guy seems so messed up. I feel sorry for his baby girl. I hope she is taking care of properly!

jane uk said...

I know this is completely of the subject , please forgive me. I feel someone who use to be a friend is illwishing me. If anyone knows psychic protection please could they do it for me? By the way i don't or have wish anything bad on this person . I just want them to stop wishing me harm .Thankyou

Anonymous said...

Jane uk, Use mirroring against this. Visualize a mirror that sends that persons thoughts right back at them. If it isn't them, it will send their harmless thoughts back to them. If it is them, you will weaken them with their own harmful thoughts.

Also, for centuries, an "evil eye " symbol has been worn among people of many cultures. It is called "evil eye" because it protests against someone giving you the evil eye. Many celebrities have worn them, even Angelina Jolie at one time.

Another protective talisman is the red string around the wrist, sometimes called the Kabbala bracelet. Madonna, Demi Moore-- Robert downy junior was pictured with one on last month. Anything that gives you comfort and confidence should be used to get you through this is. That's what successful people do!

jane uk said...

Thankyou Anon will do ,there's a stall in local market that sells turkish ''evil eye'' symbols and another selling crystals. Will bye some. Will do the visualize the mirror as well. Thankyou for leting me know these. Kind of you,feeling better already. Earlier i did feel under attack , drain and bad headache when i saw this person. They didn't say or do anything to me. But afterward i felt under attack.Thankyou again. Sorry spelling not good.

Anonymous said...

Pleade for Jamie dornan and amelia Warner

Anonymous said...


You can call the cosmic army for help. It works!!!

T. W. said...

Prayers sent.

jane uk said...

Thanks T.W kind of you thankyou

T. W. said...

Always welcomed.