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Friday, April 8, 2016

Many pennies short of a shilling ..

I accidentally watched RHONY last night.
The first face I got to see was, 
Ramona Singer.
Complete nutter........
But you know that, for sure.
But I get the feeling,
 she's heading for the Nuthouse.
But may not quite make it through the door.


T. W. said...

I don't know her but I am sorry to hear this.

Anonymous said...

I anyone on the types of shows sane?! "Reality" T.V. exploits the people on their shows. The ratings are in the meltdown and public spectacles. That is why RHOA has been on so long. Ask NeNe aka He-He Leaks...

jane uk said...

Never heard of her, hope she be ok , it's very hard to suffer from mental illness.So from one nutter to another take care.

CyndiTx123 said...

Oh wow! Poor Ramona and yes she is a nutter….Sad for her only daughter if any thing bad happens to her mom Ramona. What about Skiny Girl Bethenny? She is one tough cookie… Anywway- Happy Friday CD!!

Anonymous said...

Bethany is crazy but tough behind closed doors weak having money has made her mouthy and confident.

Ramona sad her marriage to Mario became her identity and no doubt he will father another child. Losing Mario was her breaking point you can see she's fragile the rest is pretending to be the all and everything business woman.

Most of these women we're helped or aided by their male counterparts.

Anonymous said...

I accidently watched RHONY, LMAO

Anonymous said...

CD cant you tell us about Jamie dornan and amelia Warner please

patricia said...

i agree with anonymous! I definitely want to hear about Jamie Dornan/ Dakota Johnson (50 shades of Grey actors) and his wife Amelia... I always felt like Jamie had a thing for Dakota!!!! pleaseeeee