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Monday, April 4, 2016

Much a "Trump" a do ...

So here's that delight favorite lesbian of mine.
Justin Bieber.
Seems he's sporting a new hair do.
A cross between a camel, 
& Donald "Babyfart" Trump's do.
So which is going to last the longest.
The Trump Presidency.
Or JB's hair do.
Hair do.


Anonymous said...

CHRISTIAN! Trump Presidency? Please don't tell me that you're implying what I think you are...well looks like the perfect opportunity to finally take advantage of my dual citizenship and move to Croatia!

T. W. said...

Justin never looks happy.

Anonymous said...

The culture vulture strikes again! Black ppl. cant have sheeeeee***t

Anonymous said...

The culture vulture strikes again! Black ppl. can't have sheeeee*****t...

T. W. said...

Is that you dwh?

Anonymous said...

Good ad for this is your brain on drugs.

Anonymous said...

I thought hilary the wall Street cheerleader was going to win the election?

jane uk said...

When i was young i had some right mad hairdos. He laugh about it when he looks back when he is older.

Common Sense said...

I love these "riddles" that CD writes sometimes. Bieber's hair looks ridiculous. You would hope one of his YES people would let him know, but I guess that leaves Mom.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that he is joining One Direction?

Anonymous said...

So if Trump is a Babyfart is Hillary a Poot Toot??

I say, hell yes! And Bill is a Mean Peen!

Gillis Hills said...

Any truth to the rumor that the Biebs is joining One Direction?

T. W. said...

Why does Justin always look sad?

Anonymous said...

Just saw a pic of Kit Harrington with a "girlfriend", I just became a fan a few months back, but to be honest I thought he might swing the other way, what do you see CD?................on another note, I see that RPatz and That Twigs character are still together, huh