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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Swanky, but deadly ...

So this is the swanky/posh restaurant,
 French of course.
Called "Coq D'Agent".
It has just had it 6th suicide.
In as many years.
Would you think they'd do something to stop this.
All they need do is have it Exorcised, 
as well as blessed.
Otherwise things will just go from bad to worse.
If they were to check the history,
 of the building/site.
They would find the answer.
CLUE, it's in the 1700's


Anonymous said...

Let them eat cake... Is that the clue?

T. W. said...

Wow! I hope your advice is taken. Some people don't believe.

Anonymous said...

Well I think it would be a good idea to call a demonologist or a person who can Excorcize it. You'd think some "sensitive" would get a vibe that there is something not right about it and make a suggestion to the owner or owners.

Very interesting, C.D. as usual....


Anonymous said...

A church was on the site prior to the Great Fire, and after the church burned, it wasn't rebuilt. It was instead used as a (brace for it) burial ground after the fire in the 1700's. So: a bit like Poltergeist, but British.

Anonymous said...

Wow, tell us more...:)

T. W. said...

They should not have rebuilt on a burial site. No wonder.

Jane UK said...

Hope the people who have sadly passed away , going to the restaurant,are at peace now.I wonder if the staff working there have notice anything?

Sana Laajab said...

love ghost stories, but CD is right, gotta do something about that...poltergeist, haunting ehh restaurang ....hope they do

Louis said...

Hi CD, I see quite a few spirits. I find that congregate were their memories of their life were, their homes, their work places, on the other hand hospitals are soul scream central. Grave yards are the one place I find peace as often "ghosts" don't realise their dead.

The thing that strikes me about this building is that it looks like a statue of Baal. I doubt that this spot had such a history before this was built, but this would attract every dark spirit around.

Alex Stay said...

I will be staying clear of this place.

cecilia bryant said...

I had a feeling it was a burial ground. Honor the dead.

cecilia bryant said...

CD, didn't you mention in one of your predictions that Emma Stone was going to get a really great role?

Anonymous said...

They didn't just build the building there. There was also a huge archaeological dig that went on for years while it was going up. Goodness knows what troubled soul/s got disturbed by it all.