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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Time to apply for you green cards, Dear Brits..

So Alister and member of the,
 " The Cult" aka Scientology.
Tom Cruise.
Is planning to turn the UK home of " The Cult " founder nutter/drunk/conman/liar etc,
 L.Ron Hubbard.
The above pictured mansion.
In Saint Hill Manor.
God Help the new neighbors.
"Funny how all these good Godly people.
Who claim to know God.
Have to live in such wealth......"


T. W. said...

Thank you for my laugh today!

You are right. God gives us money so we can use it to help others, not hoard it.

Anonymous said...

Tom is looking more and more like his mother every day.


Common Sense said...

This is more about Tom Cruise and Scientology, and investing in the former estate of Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology and not so much the money factor. Cruise is sticking with Scientology, even though it has cost him relationships, and three marriages. So now he is putting his money into this enormous estate. He has a right to spend his money how he pleases, but I have a feeling that there might be some backlash from the public. I do agree, however, that it seems that all well-known religious leaders, etc., seem to live in mansions and have millions of dollars. The fact that Cruise is getting involved in Hubbard's former estate is telling. He is going to continue to be a big part of Scientology at all costs, at least that's how it appears.

jane uk said...

Once a fool , always a fool.