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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

TOLD YA. More melting to come...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ash to ash equals no flights...

U.K. airspace has been closed.
Due to the ash from the Icelandic Volcano.
But, believe it or not.
Some people are complaining…….
So, I say let them fly the aircraft.
Then when they fall from the sky.
There will be only them to blame.
p.s. Etna in 2012 will be a problem.....
(On a side note.
In 2014/15/16.
A political event.
Will bring down the Iceland government.
As well as many more Dominoes, fall around the World.
Of the rich & the powerful).


jane uk said...

What about our prime minister in UK? Is mud going to stick to him? He is just as bad as the leader of Iceland.

Sana Laajab said...

Christian, was James Foleys death a hoax? ( Don't mean do me thoughtless), sad for his death if that video was real. Cried when I saw pic of James. (RIP, dear James)

Will Isis ever be well. ....eliminated? Wish I had the power to influence the collective, to better days and raising issues of humanity. May mercy come our way

Christian Dion said...

NO it was sadly real CD

T. W. said...

This world system is literally making me sick.

Common Sense said...

I saw this on the news earlier today and was shocked. There is also a lawyer in Quebec, Canada who also was funding ISIS and claims she knew nothing. If ISIS has no funding, they starve, they have no money for materials, bombs, guns, etc., etc. Without funding, they cease to exist?

Anonymous said...

It seems that Bernie Sanders was trying to bring attention to this Panama deal back in 2011...


Sarah said...

Simon Cowell, who I have a raging crush on, has been named in the papers! Is he innocent or full of shit?

Anonymous said...

Name and shame them all.