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Saturday, April 30, 2016

TOLD YA Naughty Girl Rita Ora ..


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sad to say ....

I have a very unsettling feeling around fellow Brit.
Singer Rita Ora.
I'm not sure if it's just her,
 or the people she's mixing with.
But if she's not careful she'll be going the way of, Amy Winehouse.


T. W. said...

She should have left Joe Camel alone. Now she has to get an STD test.

Anonymous said...

She outed herself and others as being Jay-Zs concubine. She fighting Roc-Nation and ,"they" because her contract is bogus and pays a slave wage. She outed Beyondsay as a plagiarism. I don't think her death will be by her own hand. They want you to think... Remember Whitney Houston? The last wo.an who was Jay-Z s mistress stood up against him and died from an "overdose". Those who knew better says she was murdered. Google it if you wanna.

Jane UK said...

Anon you might be right, i don't think she is that popular as a singer in England now to younger ones.I didn't like her on the Voice over here,but i thought it wrong her jumping ships to the X factor. But i do hope she is ok and doesn't end up like poor Amy did.

Anonymous said...

Bollocks!! Whitney was a drug addict !! She had an addiction!! It was well documented !!

CyndiTx123 said...

I feel sorry for this young lady. She has had a lot of bf's and doesn't seem like a happy person. I hope she finds what she is looking for .

Anonymous said...

Pardon the grammar. Auto correct took over. Should have checked it.

Develyn Quinn said...

Do people just end up being lost?
Does God become sad because he sees it coming or just sad because it could of changed had she saw the signs and wavered by changing her life for the better forever. I wonder this. It is sad to say oxo

T. W. said...

I remember.

T. W. said...

Anon was not denying this. s/he was saying Whitney's death was not because of this. Who drowns face down in a bath tub?

Anonymous said...

Thank you TW. Whitney was worth more dead than alive. Did you guys google the mistress/artist that stood up against Jay-z?

T. W. said...

You are welcome. I know of the mistress you speak of but I cannot recall her name.

There was a surrogacy scandal, too. I can't remember where I read this. Allegedly JayOnce went to South America to choose a surrogate. The handlers thought she would hustle for more money once she found out their identity, so they had her killed after the birth.

Anonymous said...

Ok we get it minors are off limits. They have the right to style Blues hair how they want. So what if the comb it with a fork. Let's move on shall we?