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TOLDYA, So the blue touch paper has been lit ...

A Tad Earlier than stated 2016 Predictions

Christian Dions’
Psychic Predictions 2016
(Composed in Hermosa Beach CA USA).
(Completed Dec 29th 2pm PT) 

As many of you know for the past few years. 
I have done Predictions for the year ahead.
Some Funny.
Some Not.
Some Serious.
Some Crazy.
Some Sad.
Some Fluff.
Well, this year things are little different.
As we know 2015 was a little rough,
 to say the least.
So in light of that.
There is no way.
With a clear mind/Spirit.
That I can do that this year.
As the things that I have been seeing.
Are too….. AWFUL.
To be able to do the normal.
So what follows.
Is more like a letter to 2016,as well as to the people of this Planet.
To tell, what I see.
To hope that someone,
 somewhere will take.
Perhaps just a little notice.
So that maybe.
Along with prayer, & good thoughts.
can change what, is ready to blossom.
In the year to come.
Perhaps, giving us all a breathing space.
To perhaps work together, 
instead of against.
So with that, and fingers crossed.
Here goes.
Wall St and the rest of the money World.
Better enjoy their bonuses from 2015.
Because they won’ be getting them in 2016.
Major turmoil and shake ups are ahead for these people.
They have had the warnings from the Universe.
That they should be a little more giving to those who have much less.
But no.
They carry on in the same old way.
OK, then.
Fate will deliver them another wobble.
Remember 1929.
OK, have your laugh now.
But you’ll soon have the smile wiped from, your arrogant faces.
So many more people will be living near or below the bread line.
Around the World by 2016 that
you will start to see.
The vibrations from the bottom of the pile.
Start to reverberate upwards.
Causing all kind of changes to be made. 


T. W. said…
This needed to be exposed. Thank you Christian. Those people ought to be ashamed of themselves.
Anonymous said…
True homelessness has long been neglected but you can't live of the land and it's private property. You need a jib to survive that pays enough to live. Get sick or lose your job and for some the nightmare begins.
jane uk said…
Good hope they get their just deserts. Power to the people.
Anonymous said…
Amazing prediction Christian. Those Let Them Eat Cake gang must be very nervous. Will any criminal charges come about?
chris said…
These greedy money hugging jerks deserve what is coming. Cannot imagine how the trickle down will impact others though. News reports say Putin has put a lockdown on the media reporting this in Russia. His name seems to be missing from list, but his entire inner circle is named.
Anonymous said…
Is this the revolution Susan Sarandon is talking about? If so, viva la revolution'.

Maybe, just maybe, Trump Does need to get near enough the White House to spark it because Hillary is Obama 2.0, and proud of it. Are you better off now than when Obama took office eight years ago, with Hillary in place as well? I truly think not. My children are on track to not achieve what my husband and I have in our lifetime. How many other parents can say the same thing??!!! Chelsea has her hedge fund husband and access to her family's laundered money source. M AI'm sure Malia and Sasha are set up as well. How about you? Trump's children won't be crying either but his children work damn hard for it. Working for Daddy ain't no picnic. Long hours, hard work, day in day out.

And by the way , when was the last time anyone in the media let you know that Heidi Cruz is a Golman Sachs Exec.???
Everyone with their agenda, I tell ya.

Have you seen Cruz laugh and shake his shoulders like Bush?? So spooky!!
Anonymous said…
To me it seems the dinosaurs and their archaic ways are heading towards a downfall. We as a society now see them for what they are and it will be harder and harder for them to cover their tracks.
Common Sense said…
Unbelievable prediction. I recall reading about the 1929 Wall Street Crash (otherwise known as Black Tuesday) where rich men lost fortunes and some even jumped out of Manhattan apartments and committed suicide. The great depression began and millions were unemployed. People were starving and desperate. The economy took 12 years to recover. Once you have money, it is very difficult to live without it, especially when you are accustomed to the finer things in life.
Anonymous said…
Can you imagine being a twenty something in Russia? There was at least a little bit of freedom and now they are on lock down because of Putin and his little man complex. I hope to never see another shirtless Putin - Mr. Lilliputian, your complex is showing.
jane uk said…
Then they know how the poor feel. Let them get their just deserts.

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