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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Who'.D 'Thunk...

So it "appears" that Kris Jenner.
Is trying to play nice.
With her son's new soon to be ex fiancé.
Well apart from the ring on Blac Chyna's finger.
Costing more than some peoples house.
Kris is planning to destroy the relationship.
As well as profit from it.
When all is caught on KPWTK cameras.
Such lovely people.
Oh Well....


CyndiTx123 said...

This whole family makes me wonder Why???? ….. Do not like reading about them or hearing about them, unless it's CD's telling us of their soon to to be downfall from the celebrity scene. Thanks for the update CD!!

Anonymous said...

Several psychics including you CD have predicted the end of the circus is near, yet it seems they are getting stronger by the day. Will this ever end in this generation CD?

T. W. said...

Kris is the devil.

Anonymous said...

Just for that, I hope the two make it. Plus, insiders claim Chyna knows were the bodies are buried. She just signed a contract to be on the show. Maybe breaking up is part of their storyline on the "reality" show.

jane uk said...

One day the circus will leave town. Over here we don't hear of Paris Hilton as much as years ago, so their fame shell fade.

Anonymous said...

You did it again CD...Lol. Your beautiful sense of humor that adds to my day, "With her new soon to be ex-fiance", so funny. I do not follow these people and their lives; I do hope they get it together soon so they can truly enjoy life the way it is meant to be and find an appropriate mate. It must be horrible to be driven solely by money alone...what an empty heart to carry through life. Godbless. MF

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I'm on pins and needles now - can't wait for what's next on Keeping Up with the Rich Trailer Trash!

Anonymous said...

Chyna will make every effort to get knocked up before that happens. Then will be happy to be paid off too.

Anonymous said...

They must have a good charm blocking their fall for now

NicQuerica said...

Evil bitch. I'm convinced the Kardashian/Jenner women are hardcore real life devil worshippers. Directed by the Dark Lord to drain vulnerable men of their souls in exchange for wealth and power! Lol I hope Rob comes to his senses and writes a tell.all.book.

NicQuerica said...

She is the devil's main whore.