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Your Spirit World Experience

So many of you have told me,
 that you have had,
 an Experience with the Spirit World.
So I thought that if you wish.
Write your story here.
Let others know that this is really normal.
You can be anonymous, 
or leave your first name and Country.
I will post them for all the "Worlds" to see.
Looking forward to hearing from you all.
Put your stories in the comment section.

All Rights Reserved. Christian Dion 2016


I have always been intuitive and aware of the spirit earliest dream that I can remember was with 3 angels coming to comfort me around age 3..I also remember an astral projection when I was about was like I could go through the walls and saw everything that was going on downstairs in the house when I was upstairs intuition and clairs have always been with me...I would just "know" things...I could look at a picture and get the feelings and emotions and everything else etc..I never really understood it or opened up about it until I got older...after a reading with christian, I have become more outspoken and bolder with my confidence and intuition and predicitons keeps growing stronger and I keep being open to it...I am trusting it and writing what I get down on paper as christian guided me and it has been amazing to have guidence like that and feeling like it is ok and there are people who understand me...I feel grateful now and not fearful that I have to hide my knowing and gifts...I am also beginning to see shadows or people etc but I ask my guides to keep it to my dreams or other methods because sometimes that scares me a bit but I am working on it and look forward to being more open to my gifts and feeling confident and safe to do so! If someone out there was like me and hid it or was scared to tell people, I would tell them to embrace it, pray about it, write about it...just own that part of yourself because you are someone who can heal the world and shine your bright light for all to see! It is normal!
T. W. said…
I have been able to see spirit beings in shadow form. I can tell if a person has been "possessed" by demons (the bible shows oppression and possession as the same).

When I was 14, Satan himself touched me on the shoulder. Friends, do *not* read the book National Sunday Law. Leave the SDA church alone.

I have dreams that come true. God communicates with me when I am awake and asleep. Don't laugh, God is a spirit, He is the Great Spirit. He tells me about myself and shows me things to come. Holy Spirit answers questions, teaches, and reveals all things.

I dream I am helping ethnic people (I can't tell what their race is) and Christian said it is because I am helping people in my sleep. I often feel like I am falling back into my body.

I often feel other people's pain. You would think I could feel their joy. I think God wants me to minister to the person when this happens. That's all I can remember.
Anonymous said…
Awesome, thank you!
T. W. said…
I forgot to say:

Have you ever had a feeling you should do something, avoid someone, etc? That is Spirit talking to you.

Spiritual sensitivity does run in families, it does in mine. My sister dwh can interpret dreams. Renewing your mind with God's word and talking with Him helps too.
Anonymous said…
I'm not a psychic, intutive, or have any kinds of special seeing kinds of gifts or anything like that. But I've always been very open minded, and aware of the spirit world which is all around us. Sometimes, people do in fact have the sight, and are often too afraid to use their gifts because others around them will think they are freaks. But there are people like Christian who share their gifts with the world and help others.

I've had a few readings done with him, and he told me not to be afraid of what my dreams, and things that were happening that I couldn't really explain, but he was so wonderful, kind, and amazing. He really put everything into perspective for me. I thought I was going crazy because of these things that just didn't seem right but they all happened for a reason. I got my very first psychic reading done that summer and the woman who did it was so nice and sweet. She told me that my Dad was coming back into my life and I didn't believe her for one second. Until it happened a few months later. After sixteen years of silence, my Dad found me and it's been one of the greatest things to ever happen to me.

I lost my old neighbor J, who was like a grandfather to me to cancer, in October 2009, I was the one who found him. My best friend lost her dad in July to a stroke and we both were so heartbroken. Those days was the hardest days we both ever had to go through. He was gone forever, or so I thought. He never really left. I've been visited by him in dreams and he's always with me. Whenever he was around the smell of roses and a certain perfume aroma would be present.

I remember him coming to me in a dream two days before I was about to take my GED test and he said I was going to get it. On February 18th, 2010, I got the phone call which changed my life forever: I passed the hardest part of the test and got it after so many tries. I remember hanging up the phone and tears of happiness fell from my eyes. I honestly thought after J died, that my life was over. But it was just beginning. I'm so blessed and thankful that God answered my prayers and told me not to be afraid :)
T. W. said…
Congratulations on getting your GED!
Anonymous said…
I've had many instances lately where I've had premonitions of things to come...which then happened.
Anonymous said…
I am delighted to share some of my spiritual experiences with you here. Thanks for providing us a forum in which to do so, CD. I have a few of them, including past live dreams too - so far as I can tell.

I'll begin with one that was very comforting to me: I was busy preparing a chicken salad late Saturday night for a special date the next day. While my hands were covered with chicken, shredding it for the salad, I heard a distinct voice telling me to call my mother and tell her I love her.

I thought this is a bit unusual, however I went on making the salad and considered doing it perhaps the next day. After all, it was close to 11 PM. My folks lived a few states north of me, and though they were used to hearing from me late in the evening, this was quite late, even for me. I heard the voice repeat the same request two more times. So, I thought I'd get on with it.

It was about 11:30 or so. When I called, my father answered. Usually my mom would answer first. His voice was very flat, devoid of affect, almost monotone. I knew immediately something had happened. Sure enough, my mom had had minor stroke that morning. Grant you, we children all lived in California, so he was left to deal with this devastating development by himself. I believe he was in a state of shock. He hadn't called any of us.

Mom was asleep, so I didn't speak with her. It was too late to call up my siblings; I waited to update them the next day. However, tossing and turning all night long, I called back about 6:30 the next morning (and night owl that I am, I never was even up, let alone on the phone so early). Mom answered the phone, her voice was a bit slurred, but she was coherent enough for us to converse. I told her I loved her. It was to be the last time we spoke together. About a week later, she had a major stroke and that ushered in her final days.

I remain ever so grateful to my angel/spirit guide or? that I was provided that precious exchange with my dear mother.

~ Johanna ~
CyndiTx123 said…
I totally believe and am aware of the great gifts that people, like CD have. Which I love CD and his ways to make me giggle & brighten my day with his posts. CD uses it for good. I feel that I have some kind of something, just don't know what…. but anyway here is a true story dealing with my doggie Max that had passed. He actually at first was my step dog…but he became my fur baby and I was his human mommy. He was with me during my illness times and happy times. He even got on a school bus one time on accident because of me getting my daughter to the school bus late one day.. too funny! and He taught me a lot. Even took our family portrait with him on my lap. If you saw me, you saw him…. We were always together & gave him tons of love and attention that he never had before. I love Max so much. He was with me for everything in the last 7 years of his life. The last 2 years we got a little doggie named CoCo Chanel. She became his lil' sis and his care giver. Protecting him from falling in pool and making sure he was in good shape. After he passed, CoCo became depressed and we were fortunate to get her little brother named Cooper. Cooper never knew Max or Max's hiding place (my closet). One day, baby Cooper was at the bottom of my stairs and barking at something that wasn't there at the top of my stairs. He was just barking and barking. Coco came over to check what he was upset over, then he starts running after something…. We followed him thru the kitchen, formal living, dining and then into my bedroom and into my bathroom and suddenly he stops right at my closet.... (Max's hiding place). Cooper did a quick turn and wouldn't go into my closet and ran off fast. For me I knew it was Max. No harm, but happy that he was still hanging around the only home he knew. I still think of him and have a little Max angel that I put out every Christmas for him. It's a replica of what he looked like. Cherish your loved ones and your fur loved ones and Thanks CD for letting us add our little stories about the paranormal happening to everyday people. It happens, just some people are aware and some are just closed to it. Peace & BLessings to all!
CyndiTx123 said…
I am with T.W. on this….Congrats Anonymous on getting your GED!!! So proud of you and not giving up!!
Anonymous said…
I rolled a pair of dice from my old monopoly game and it came up 5--55 times in a row. I bounced the dice off walls, off the ceiling, threw them at the cat and had her bat them around, sat on the floor rolling and counting to 54. On the 55th roll, I threw a combo that wasn't a 5. As I reached forward to pick them up, one slowly flipped over to make the combo a five. I quit because the die turning over by itself was spooky. Rolling 5 fifty five times in a row wasn't!

B, in the US.

T. W. said…
This blesses me.
Anonymous said…
I was always the odd one in the family. I saw shadows (and wispy figures) when I was a young kid (still see them). On the road and around the corner of my eye. Ever since I was small there was a voice that always talked to me in my head and has always been spot on, even now. Psychic powers runs in my family. Some of us have embraced it, others have shunned it. I am all the Clairs. (and then some more). I have the ability to receive messages of those who have passed over. One example is a former friend of mine whose grandfather passed over. All of a sudden I had this feeling he had passed on and she called me to tell me that he had. Then there was a customer of mine whose dog had passed over. He didn't even have to say anything "the voice" confirmed it (he later came to me and told me). Then I had a dream my grandmother-in-law passed on as well my brother awoke me from my dream to confirm this. I can go on on how a lot of my dreams and visions have been precognitive.

I've even had angelic encounters. When I was 14 a white figure appeared in my living room. My cat witnessed it too. Then it disappeared. Also when I was in my 20's I was putting makeup in my car and a very beautiful old woman came to my window, tapped it, and said "I was already beautiful." Then she left. Something told me to get out of my car. And I did. I searched for her within my vicinity, but she was gone. I can tell you now that I am close to the angelic realm than ever before. For those who doubt spirit exist, call on Archangel Michael. He will gladly prove that he exists. He has helped me so much on my journey here in Los Angeles. There was one time I had to move out of my previous place and had to stay at an Extended Inn. I called on Archangel Michael to help me get a place and a voice appeared in my head saying "You'll have your place by tomorrow." Sure enough I got my place next day. Been living in it for two years. I also asked Archangel Michael to help me get a job as soon as possible. And I just got a call for an interview today. I am absolutely grateful to him. You have no idea. He has been with me on my journey. It's hard for me to open up and communicate my needs to people but he gets me, hears me, listens to me. In this world it's hard to trust people, but you can trust Archangel Michael and fall into his arms and everything will be okay.

I believe I also had an alien encounter as well. I was driving my car and out of nowhere this great shadow appeared on a mountain moving slowly. There were no clouds in the sky!

Also I can't wait to go to Ireland to see the fairies.

I can go on and on about my connection with spirit. But it feels like I am boasting, so I'll zip it. There is a great sense of pride when talking about this but there is also a sense of caution.

I will add this. Have you ever looked at the word "supernatural" and broke it down to "super natural." That means the "supernatural" is indeed 100% natural. True reality exist there.

For this piece I choose to remain Anon. :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks T.W. :) Christian is the real deal, I love his blog and sense of humor. He's always been right on target and so accurate, and has answered countless questions for me, and has helped when I majorlly freak out and the end result has always been positive and good.
Tony said…
I am originally from London and in 1985 on the local radio (LBC) the presenter Pete Murray introduced Christian to listeners so they could phone in an ask for a reading. I was honestly blown away. He is very kind and very helpful. In 2011 just days after my brother passed away, as I was standing up, I felt my t shirt lift up and I was poked in the back..something my brother would do when I was a young boy. I've had other experiences to do with the spirit world and I have always been a big believer, like I have an old black and white photo of my Nan, and exactly one year after her death, her face appeared in the top right hand corner, plus other family members have appeared in parts of that photo! That honestly gives me real comfort. I'm very glad to share my experiences with you..and thank you CD for giving us this opportunity to do so. Blessings to you all
Anonymous said…
I so want to share mine I have to pick there are so many. People who know you're spirit is pure and comes as the Jezebel spirit some people say. I have had some men who knows how to astral project try to sleep with or touch me. I would never have believed it some people say they are shape shifters. There are humans that are really alien life forms that channel bad things. I will stop for now but we see into the future and different times and lives we live because of the knowledge we have.

The stronger you get the signs become stronger it can be frightening but I have felt spirit want to visit after they have past or about to and come to play or help you. Or pass information on to family.

But I have had sleep paralysis and called a prophets name and it released itself. I was around a bad person and they knew what it was and those people have terrible energy and it drains yours and they are very bad. Their mental illnesses some how protect them a little from their wickedness but they live in torment.

But angels do exist and I learnt Jesus did too. God is within us the true souls and we can bring things from our dreams to the earth plane.

I will stop now, thank you all for sharing we are here for a reason and we connect back to the source fully in death and visit at night in our dreams other places connected to this life force.
Anonymous said…
I have had so many experiences; it is hard to pick one. My grt grt grandmother had psychic abilities and practiced white witchcraft (for medicinal purposes), in rural Alabama. Sarah, was her name. Her husband is one of my spirit guides; so I have been told, many times. I don't practice the craft, but I do have some psychic abilities.
In my early twenties, I went to see a well known psychic. The first thing she said to me was; "Why are you here? What can I tell you, you have the gift to see for yourself?" I became good friends with her and we talked for many years.
I'm not around as many people as I used to be (age), but I am still very aware of my gift. I welcome it, but I am often sad, because of it.
Lmo said…
Hi there I am not a psychic but yesterday I heard that someone passed who I cared about a lot. I heard it at work and was too upset to stay so went home to work. I put my bike in the stand 30 sec a way from my home and was approached by two ladies who were religious and probably trying to convert people. I started crying when she talked about god ( i am not religious and had heard the news under an gour ago so couldn't control myself) and they hugged me and found some relevant passage to show about death. It is not something that ever happens and i have never seen them before. Perhaps not a very exciting story but it made such a difference to my day and i like to believe that this is no coincidence : )
jane uk said…
When i was 7 my gran died of parkinsons disese ,when i went to bed i fell asleep and i woke up as i could feel someone siting at the end of my bed. It was my gran and she look happy and well. It really scared me then she vanish. The thing is i was uncomftable around her in life as she couldn't speak from her illness and use to just stare.
Develyn Quinn said…
Hi CD it's awesome other "worlds" can see these. :D an experience I had as far an angel saying something was about a celebrity. I was worried about him and defended this celebrity quietly. I felt my right at the time like I needed to save him. Sucks I don't remember the exact way it was said but voice/angel in my head told me, "he's stronger than than you think he'll be okay" I got the feeling the celebrity was aware of his life choices. I think overall lesson for me was just to focus on myself. That was my first "hearing" experience from the spiritual world. :) other stuff just intuition & pickin up on things. Xxo
Anonymous said…
I've seen and heard spirit since I was a child.....from full on 'people' to shadows & mist to very colourful spirit dreams, its totally normal for me..although I wish they would answer my questions properly instead of 'all in good time' or 'whats meant for you will be' ... useless.... I want to know when I'm going to win the lottery, swan around drinking gin and stroking puppies. Although they are pretty good with warnings to be fair, so just listen is my advice, listen to the quiet and start by feeling, everyone can access spirit, it just takes practice, like anything, like driving or riding a bike.
Anonymous said…
Yes, I have had so many experiences beginning as a young child. I would say I came into this world from a spirit community to which I travel occasionally in dreams and through vortexes.

Premonitions, prophetic dreams, seeing orbs and shadows, hauntings, astral travel, passed-on loved ones giving me information, feelings about strangers, ufo sightings, the Silent Voice, eternity entering this reality and lighting up the trees, the river, nature...

I wish I could live in a state of perpetual opening to Spirit and am working on it.

Thank you Christian, for this opportunity!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for opening this forum CD. I have had several experiences of seeing spirits when I was younger and have had some experiences as an adult. The one experience I would really like to have an answer for, it baffles me to this day. It happened about 13 years ago. I woke up in the night and my 16 month daughter was asleep beside me. Then something or someone stroked my eyebrow and I had the feeling of pure bliss when this happened I cannot describe it. Then I heard a voice in my head that said, do not be afraid. The next thing I knew was something was placed in my right ear and my head was like buzzing and vibrating. I could not move my body. I felt a presence beside me, but as it was so dark could not see anything. If anyone has any explanation for this, please let me know. Appreciate it.
Alexander, UK.
Anonymous said…
I've always been a medium, so I have many good experiences.

But I also have had bad experiences. A house we own is haunted. The first time a ghost pulled on my toe. I got up in the night and left The second time he was right in my face and actually entered into my body. Again, I left the premises.

A week ago, he came and sat down on my bed while I was sleeping. I turned on the light and ignored him. It was a bit unsettling though as I though he had left for good. I guess not

Most experiences are good, they're warnings and they let us know that we're not alone. You will always have someone with you.

Anonymous said…
Had some odd experiences in my last apartment. That building was constructed in the 1950's, so it isn't very old. I used to feel like I was being watched when I was sitting at the computer. It was a very distinct feeling of having someone standing behind me as I was at my desk.

Another time, the television turned itself on. There might be a technical reason for that, but it wasn't on a timer and it was just a very basic TV, not a smart TV or anything. I still can't figure that one out.

Another time I was walking from my bedroom to the foyer when I felt something wet splash onto my leg. I looked down and there was something orange and jelly like on my shin, but I hadn't stepped on anything that would have squirted and the floor was dry and clean.

And the only time in my life I have ever experienced sleep paralysis was in that apartment. One morning I woke up, but I was unable to move at all, I was frozen in place. I felt like I was stuck between awake and asleep but I could not will myself to move. I had an overwhelming feeling that if I couldn't get myself to move, I would die. It was extremely frightening. There is a scientific explanation for sleep paralysis, but in conjunction with the other things that had happened in that place it just really creeped me out.

Anonymous said…
There are people who practice the dark stuff and you shouldn't nor should you bind any one to you. Or place curses or hexes on people as you also hexing and cursing yourself.

I don't believe those people are human not everyone is of heaven or goes there.

We are here to learn and spiritual growth, we have many lives as a man and women but the same soul. And sometimes we remember past lives.

You can communicate with animals too.

What's your experienced now CD?
Anonymous said…
With the sleep paralysis I could hardly breath and I knew something was on me because I was telling it to get off me but my speech was slurred. I just said Jesus for no reason but I researched this and someone said also you say the name of a prophet to release it and also that you have let in negative energy into your home. That was the crazy ex and he knew because they would come for his children. They press hard in your chest some call them night riders.

He was my worst nightmare and used mind projection too. He destroyed people their souls because it was too late for him.

Anonymous said…
Okay I was very unaware that men can astral project into your dreams and try to touch you. Well looks like I have some kicking out to do.
Jess said…
My uncle died in a car crash when I was young. At the time I was at that state that most teenagers hit, trying to figure out what you believe and what you don't. So I was having a lot of anxiety about what happened to him. If our souls do go somewhere was he ok? A few days after the funeral, I woke up in the middle of the night and my uncle was standing in the doorway, he smiled, I blinked, and he was gone. I have never worried about where he is again.

This happened a few years after that. I have major depression and severe anxiety. I have had both of these almost my entire life. I was sitting on my bed with a knife to my wrist when my alarm clock came on, it wasn't set to come on at all. The first thing I heard was "You seem my wrist I know your pain". I dropped the knife, called the neighbor boy, and he drove me to the nearest cd place, found out what the song was, What's This Life For by Creed, and bought me the cd. It never gets easier but I haven't cut myself in over 10 years, although I still get urges all the time, and I haven't tried to kill myself in almost 15 years.
Anonymous said…
My mother was diagnosed with incurable brain tumor.

I talk to the universe using the I Ching. The answer I got was that I was about to experience a miracle and I should never forget where that miracle came from and to use it as a benchmark reminder that we have endless help from the invisible if we ask.

I went to the herb store to get some basic herbs to fight cancer for my mom. The herbalist put my herbs in my bag and I left for home.

When I got home j discovered that the herbalist made a mistake and put a growing bone formula in my bag not cancer herbs.

At that time I hear a loud inner voice message that said it was not a mistake! It was A clue. It the voice told me not to judge or try to figure it out. Just put it away and remember it was a clue.

I would understand in time it says.

A month passed and an option was presented to me and I knew I was on the right track when the solution was very similar to the clue provided by the mistaken herb.

My mother became cured of incurable glioblastoma brain tumour to which there is no cure.

And I have never forgotten that help!!!!
Anonymous said…
Hundreds of Experiences :-) too many to count. thankfully, I grew up in the is in new zealand)
one day me and my twin sister were tramping through our native bush, because we were really tired from school, we were crashing through the undergrowth a bit eek...anyway something made me turn round, and there in front of me was an elf hanging in mid air..he was green tights, pointy green shoes, red tight top and and elf hat (red), he had a stern look on his face :-)and had his hand on his hips, i knew he was telling us to not crash through the undergrowth and show a bit of respect! (its a beaut bush!:-) ) anyway, my sister turned a few seconds after, and she saw him too, so two witnesses then he vanished..:-). I thought I would put that here because the natural world we live in is too beautiful for words, and believe it or not, the fairies are doing their darnest to keep it beautiful and counteract all of our mindless and heartless actions. All I know is this: being outside in nature is the greatest gift you can give to your soul, and being grateful from the bottom of your heart for nature, and our brothers and sisters (animals) is the greatest gift you can give to your ego. Fairys, Elementals e.t.c are as real as you and I, and you don't need to 'see' them in order to believe, you just have to 'feel' them, their love for the earth in order to believe. Let us all plant more things, - trees, flowers, herbs, veges, fruit trees you name it, also don't flush pharmaceuticals down the toilet, or wear sunblock in the ocean, its ruining the ocean, and killing off the bottom feeders. Lastly make sure every seed you plant is natural or heritage (not genetically engineered or modified - nasty) and you will add to the beauty of this planet! Thats one of hundreds of beautiful experiences I have had, among ones with my brothers and sisters (animals). Have an awesome day, Chrissy, New Zealand.
Anonymous said…
Anyone who knows how make or female can astral project or spy on people remotely.

Gillis Hills said…
I've got a lot of "spirit" stories to tell, but right now I'm being stalked telepathically by a yogi gone bad. An ex-boyfriend who can do several siddhis, as a result of meditating and practicing yogi full-time for 15 years. He uses a proxy doll to torture me, by sticking needles in my eyes, pinching my genitals, etc. This has been going on for 2-3 years. Because I'm a "sensitive", I can feel everything he does, and I can hear everything he says to me.

I'm told that this is somewhat common in the world of psychics and yogis. Yikes. I'm told I have to strengthen my aura to keep him from "touching" me. Hard to strengthen your aura when you're being tormented night and day. And, no, I'm not psychotic. Anyone who is educated about kundalini, siddhis, advanced meditation, and advanced yoga knows that all this is quite real.
Anonymous said…
Like to share this with you, about Angels, super natural. I went thru a breakup, redundancy of job, health & life worries. I reached out to CD & started a journey with energy healing as I thought I had nothing to lose as I felt I had “lost” all I thght I knew or had. I asked out in despair to the Universe with Creator to help me with opening new doors for me, to have opportunities to be a co-creator because I wanted to live, to be alive & feel healed. The Universe started opening doors eg got a job working for “Times Rich list” person for a few months which I cried privately as one of his companies made parts for Armament yet I’d worked for 15yrs+ in NHS which saves lives – Universe gave me stark contrast to grow my sense of self & yes answer confirmed my prayer that I value to live and thus other people’s lives too, in same time my house got burgled,that I can live even if things were taken away from me.

I felt to continue to deeply heal the sorrows and fears for my self for the next few years I had experiences –bright Light presence in photos, orbs moving, energy forms different colours around me, saw infront of my eyes big circle of energy that went thru the chakra colours (wow!) as I was looking out into my garden one by one for at least 15minutes.

Evrything made me want to find what felt true or compatible with me, & I learnt to ask for help because I needed help in my pathway to heal. I learnt that Beloved Light exists, I experienced higher energy existence, cosmic & angelic beings. Memorably wonderful experience in 2013 for maybe a couple of weeks I felt I was lifted into higher angelic vibration-it was as if I had been lifted into higher energy to live out the day.

I felt in tune in the moment yet everything was speeded up but with my eyes I saw white dove beat its wings in pure slow motion showing me Universe’s Divine grace directly speaking to me it was amazing. Inside, for that time especially, I sensed an ecstatic happiness of vibration, my face carried a knowing smile of peace and joy from inside out. After few days of realising how I was “living/being” was not just my imagination, I began to enjoy it, playfullness & joy yet doing my normal day to day work/home/family/ and conversing with lights/angels. I feel that angels really had taken me up a little bit into their “plane”. tbc
Anonymous said…
In those days/weeks, I confided in a lovely friend. I met her &as we sat having hotdrinks, I shared I felt I was there but vibrating with Angels as they had let me share some time with them. I said I felt I knew what was going to happen next but my speech would not be able to keep up with saying out “woman’s mobile is going to ring in a moment”, “ they are going to get up in a moment” ... I did try and I was laughing at not being able to keep up telling her what next was going to happen next in a busy cafe. She got it as it was a bit confusing for her initially & we carried on, accepting it as normal. I did spend some time in that state. Over time I did ground. I did miss that state a few times later.

It left me with this experience of wonder and awe. It also left me knowing that I do not believe in any man-made religion rules & regulations but I do believe in Creator/God, Light/Life force energy/Spirit. & ArchAngel Michael is real and energetically you can ask AAMichael to help you, there are angels and light guides and human loving guides too. I believe the worlds have cosmic, supernatural beings, there are existences in different planes/spaces/galaxies including angelic realm (a heaven). There is more to the worlds than we know. AND that this life we have is important, our human experience is important. That we can do lots of spiritual growth and development & have experience & be as grounded and loving of who we are, our hopes and aspirations. For me, I am soul in human form & “Namaste” with love & kindness feels good within and out.

I want to also say FROM MY HEART, thank you CD for many many times praying more help and healing for me & others you send, for your patience and kindness, for your work with your Gift as a Healer as well as being an Entertainer of wisdom flavoured with “Yorkshire pudding, sage stuffing & gravy” wit shared with global friends. Luvly xxx sorry if this is long – experiences can vary & I wanted to add something positive amazing supernatural to this conversation & to thank you for your healing workxxx .
Alexandra stay said…
The comment left on April 16, 2016 at 10.07pm is beautiful.Thank you to the person who wrote it.
jwoo75 said…
Here are some experiences that stand out:
I received the phone call that my grandmother had passed away. About an hour later, I picked up my cell phone and the words "THANK YOU!" were on my cell phone in a font not used for text or anything else. The screen changed after a few seconds, but I knew it was a message from her. My phone never did anything like that again.

I was living alone in a three-bedroom house. I was doing some growth in my soul and work on my spirit. It was much needed. Still, I was lonely and wondered if anyone ever thought of me, or if I was a blip on anyone's radar. One night, I went to bed and distinctly physically felt a warm presence full of light and love. This presence spooned me for a good 30 minutes, at least.
Thank you, kind spirit, whoever you are. I am forever grateful for that night.

A couple of months ago, I felt a man I know thinking of me sexually. It was strong, hit me out of nowhere, and freaked me out a little, even though I find him attractive. I sent back sexual thoughts in return and have felt guilty about it ever since. It must have scared him too, because I have not felt that same intense sexual thought from him. Now I feel occasional sweet, kind thoughts from him. I send him back loving, kind thoughts as well.

While I was meditating last week, I heard a voice say distinctly, "May eleventh." Not sure what's supposed to happen that day, but I scheduled it on my calendar so I wouldn't forget.

I wish you all love, light, and peace.
Anonymous said…
I have had experiences since I was young. Among these have been: I saw a woman float across a deck while walking to school one morning. No one else saw her. :0 I had a white mist apparition (no discernible shape tho) appear at the foot of my bed in middle school. I've seen dead folks in my dreams. I've traveled to wonderful places in my meditations, and been shown passages from books not of this world, or in any language I've heard here. My son insisted growing up that I'd start to sing along with the radio, but I was singing before the song actually started. Most odd is that much of what I get is about myself and not others-which is not normal. CD and other psychics have confirmed I'm psychic, I just don't haven't figured out how to do such things on demand, and I often second guess or dismiss what I get (sometimes I simply don't understand I've actually gotten a message till it's proven). I had an uneasy feeling about a trip my daughter was taking-and nightmarish dreams about losing a child. I even embarrassed the daylights out of her, telling the trip organizer why I worried for her safety. I was laughed at, at the time for my concerns, but I hadn't put 2+2 together, so I let it go. What I saw came to pass however. After her death, I was told by her friends that she had predicted her death. She didn't get the specifics I got, but she got the specifics I had missed.I felt guilty for years, until I realized if either of us was meant to stop it, we would have. The things I did in the aftermath were why we must have volunteered for this before coming into this lifetime. I believe the gift runs in the family. My sister makes her living doing readings. We believe this comes from my great grandmother, but we're not sure. Until our generation, no one was willing to talk of such things. I still see signs from my daughter all the time, and she visits in my dreams-sometimes in my meditations. While young, I felt a bit odd, and out of place. As an adult, I've come to understand considerably more than I would have ever believed. I also have been shown things otherworldly to help in this understanding. Instead of now wondering if I was some sort of demon in another lifetime to warrant so many bad things happening to me in my life, I was lead to understand that Karma isn't an eye for an eye. I am here because of my strength- which allows me to get through such things, because I am a teacher. Without teachers here, how will those in need of valuable soul lessons be able to learn them? We all have life lessons and contracts we've agreed to before coming. What we'll learn, who we'll teach, etc. We all have guides and angels helping. We always will. We all can hear their encouragement and guidance, if we only stop to listen.

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