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Angel List ..

In response to my last post.
Many of you have asked, 
re flights, loved ones, etc.
So I am adding an 
"Angel List"
Where you can post the flight,
 you or loved ones are flying.
So that we can pray,
 for their safe travels and return.
No need to put pictures.
Just the flight they are on.
Let's see if this helps.
God Bless


Lorraine parson said…
Flight no: 25/7/16 Tom356 return : 8/8/16 Tom357
Thanks CD xx
Alex S said…
Outgoing: Flight no: ZB3690 27/07/16
Return: Flight no: ZB3691 03/08/16
Thank you.
Jane Uk said…
CD thanks xxx
cecilia bryant said…
I rarely do this. But my sister is on a flight. I ask CD and everyone that you please send protection energy for my sister. She's on a flight today. Traveling to New York to get to New Jersey. Then she'll return from New York to San Diego. She'll be on JetBlue both flights. I don't want to get into specifics. Any prayers or sending Archangel Michael will help. Thank you CD, thank you all.
Anonymous said…
So glad you are offering us this, CD. Prayers on their way.

~ Johanna ~
CyndiTx123 said…
THank you CD and to all that prays for everyones safety. !! Flying to Utah next week on AA and then flying back to DFW the following week…
Anonymous said…
Thank you christian. My brother and his girlfriend is going to Tenerife in September and my sister and her family are possibly going to Florida around the same time. Do you sense that they will be alright? Is it just flights that are at risk or are there other transport modes at risk like the Channel tunnel and boats. I really would like to go to Europe the old fashion way without the use of planes. Will it be a complete no go for us Brits? Thanks again.

Ali Michelle xxx
The Original Sarah said…
Praying for my brother traveling to Paris next week. Amen.
Anonymous said…
How kind and thoughtful Christian. My sisters and I may be flying to South Africa at the end of the year. Nothing's finalised or planned yet, so no flight number yet. Cheers :)
Anonymous said…
Praying for the safe journey of my friends and I on our first student holiday on the 13Th July to Greece and the 21st July, hoping all is well, so awful reading about these tragedies x
Anonymous said…
Departure: AC1770 from Toronto at 12:20pm to Punta Cana at 4:40pm (leaving Friday, May 27, 2016)
Arrival: AC1771 from Punta Cana at 5:55pm to Toronto 10:25pm (arriving back on Friday, June 3, 2016)

Thank you Christian for your prayers. Love and light to you <3
Please add, following flights to Greece and Italy x
Suyshe said…
Thank you CD. Joining up to add my prayers for all those listed here now and henceforth.

Praying for circle of protection around all aircraft, passengers and crews.
T. W. said…
I have prayed for you. No weapon formed against you shall prosper.

Christian, this Angel List is a very good idea, thank you!
Christian Dion said…
Sharon Weds Mat 25th Lax to London BA 0282
London to LAX BA 0283 Aug 10th CD

Anonymous said…
BA 2760 4 June
KLM 1175 4 June
KLM 1176 7 June
KLM 1481 7 June
BA 2957 10 June
Anonymous said…
Chicago to London June 15th BA 296, flying back on 6/21 BA 297. I hope everyone updates this so I can ask my angels to help you stay safe too.

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