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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ghost Call Radio

HI one & all.
Thank you for all your kind words,
 re the show the other evening.
On Ghost Call Radio with Alex and the gang.
Here's the link to the archives page ha ha.


Develyn Quinn said...

Heard your whole interview, love the readings especially, I feel like those people needed hope and you did that :) love the fact that u said when it shuts off it shuts off that's all you know for that moment as I Interpreted "that is the message for now, the rest the person has to do." And that's where they need to be. I tried paying you via PayPal 3 times Lol. The first when you were sick and told me to wait, that day I enter this free boot camp which helped me out a lot emotionally I guess in other words to get me back on track. For anyone wondering I took the boot camp through www.sarahcentrella.com author of hustle-believe-receive.I originally told myself one day I would pay for that boot camp because I really wanted to change my life around and I guess the universe got the message. I wasn't going to do it in other words I didn't have my big girl panties on yet even thought it was free I even submitted my email to be on the list and hoped at the same I wouldn't get it but I did but with a lot of resistance.

2nd time I wasn't sure what questions to ask but went forward anyway to paypal, while filling out the payment section, the "security code" tab wasn't working I kind of knew I didn't need the reading at the time I wasn't listening to myself that was confirmation not to do it.

3rd time, same situation I knew what questions I wanted to ask but this time the "expiration date" wasn't working Lmao!!! Really??? LOL
Moral of story: watch for the signs it's happening for a Reason oxo
Dev lol

Jane Uk said...

Really enjoyed it. Love talk shows, was very excited to hear your show. Even though it was over 2 hours, it went really quick. Thankyou for talking so personaly about your life . Sorry spelling not that good.

Anonymous said...

Christian, when is Woody Allen going to be seen as the creep that he is by the rest of Hollywood?

Frugal and Fabulous said...

christian..or anyone who may know, do you know if you will do a email special like you have before?..for memorial day or something? I feel bad asking but I am so poor right now and really trust christian for guidance and answers and accuracy and kindness.....I just feel chaos around me and changes/at crossroads and feel lost (dad lung cancer, looking for new career etc) it is ok if it doesn't happen,I will just wait until I can save some extra money but I just trust christian and have had two readings last year which were pretty life changing and healing and compassionate....my intention is not greed with this question or anything, I know christian knows my heart with me asking this..thank you!

Anonymous said...

You were awesome
Please go back so we can hear you again

Anonymous said...

Thanks for acknowledging the fans, we are quite pushy, but we are fans! Love you CD!

Jane Uk said...

Frugal and fabulous , i pray your bad times end soon.It's hard going sometimes in life ,please try stay positive as much as you can .I know it's hard . Wishing you well.

Anonymous said...

Hi CD & All, breaking news that suspicious package found in Man Untd Old Trafford grounds in the city of Manchester - 70k people evacuated smoothly (thank goodness!). I recall such a prediction of something not quite right in City of Manchester posted by CD in New year prediction. Thank goodness no one hurt. Thank goodness for a lot! Thank you CD. LH London xxx

Anonymous said...

CD, It was Nov 16th 2015 post you predicted re: Manchester city needing to be aware - so far the news says 70k people attending Old Trafford safely left grounds and that is a good thing for all involved, the football fans, workers, services. So grateful as after the very moving sad news about the Hillsborough real version of events a fortnight ago - Liverpool, the safety of fans today were intact today due to the good work of all involved. Thank you Spirit for showing CD something that perhaps could bring a little healing to people who got fear to go to big events after Hillbrough, as safety can be maintained with vigilance of people being aware. relieved nothing bad happened as I was concerned about the predictions of bombs in the beautiful country and people (yes we have problems/struggles but we are multicultural and we can share our lives if we have the will). LH London.

CyndiTx123 said...

Your Rock CD!!

Anonymous said...

Your welcome CD, and I really enjoyed listening to the whole show and seeing what you and everyone else had to say and hear.