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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

He's BACk, God Help everyone....


Common Sense said...

I wish, Christian, with your abilities and personality that you could have your own television show. It would surely be a No. 1 hit!

I am so fascinated by the "veil" and how in the near future, more and more of us will be able to "see."

There was a time when psychics were never discussed because people thought it was crazy and evil. Nowadays, it is more understood and accepted, thankfully.

sweetbaby said...

Christian please just answer my question. You saw me being without who ended hurting me so much. All this time we were talking, he was in a relationship with another person. When we had our first big fight, he decides to post pictures of his girlfriend on social media for everyone to see. How can this man be the one for me? This is so hurtful.

CyndiTx123 said...

As fans of Christian Dion, I have mentioned before to email and write to your fav network to include CD on his own show or even interview him, etc. I know he will get producers interested in producing a CD show, if I had more income coming my way- I would invest. CD offers a different side of being a psychic. Right now there are a few shows on tv that are psychic related shows-but have similar traits of a show- CD's would be more interesting….. I definitely see CD getting more famous. Everyone please tune in to CD's GHOST CALL Radio this evening and call in. I am!! Peace & Blessings CD for this evening and enjoy your self!! Hugs & Love!!

Anonymous said...

Tonight's The Night!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll try to listen in and call, but I sent my three questions last week along with the payment to pay pal CD. I know you said you were sick and said nothing until after yesterday, which I really appreciate you answering my question on the other thread when can I except to hear from you? Thank you and many blessings, K

Christian Dion said...

K by days end or tomorrow CD

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much ^_^