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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I wonder what else he wishes he hadn't CUT ..

Well, well here's a pic of Harry Styles.
With is new short haircut.
Doesn't look too happy to me about it.
You, watch in just a matter of a few weeks.
He'll have all his hair back.
Even longer than before...


Anonymous said...

With short hair, he doesn't look like a Byronic boy. I believe CD when he says it's a passing thing with Harry, and that he will have extensions. Show biz has few opportunities for an ordinary looking git.

Common Sense said...

I like Harry. When he cut his long locks off, a gazillion young girls must have shed a tear, no doubt. I don't like his short haircut, it just doesn't suit him at all. So I am not surprised if he does get extensions, at least until his long hair grows back. If anything, he should get his long hair styled and add some layers so that there is a bit of a shape to it.

CyndiTx123 said...

now that is funny CD!! I was wondering the same… He is not a happy camper with out his long locks!

Anonymous said...

I like the cut. It mature. Maybe the cut reminds him of how hollyweird took his balls.

Anonymous said...

Extensions on a man is solo Brett Michaels

T. W. said...

I guess Harry never heard the story of Samson ...

Anonymous said...

CD it true Rob y Twigs PR end in June? Like you say? Someone say you says it will go out to media in June. Do that be close?

Jane Uk said...

He don't wanna put in extensions ,he be a laughing stock!

Anonymous said...

CD said they are already over since January. But they have been seen together having launch today in NYC. Hmm

Anonymous said...

CD why not say about Rob? Please to answer if media will say by June he over with singer? Can just you say yes? Not another long year :(

Anonymous said...

He has no sex appeal with short hair, but overall I get a negative vibe from Harry these days. Just don't like him anymore.

T. W. said...

Did he cut his balls too?