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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Justin "My favorite Lesbian" Bieber.

A hand full really?.
I feel that the down fall of this Jerk,
 is getting closer and closer.
All this new I am for God behavior etc, etc.
Just apart of the BS.
However the downfall, 
isn't and won't be a joke.


T. W. said...

The downfall will be spectacular. Watch people blame the Christians.

Common Sense said...

He is a boy, a narcissist boy... with big feet. Surrounded by YES men, silly girls who are at his beck and call (except the one he really wants - S-E-L-E-N-A), and a father who still acts like he is 20. He can buy anything and any toy he desires, and probably gets bored within a week of the purchase. Nothing satisfies him after a while. The trappings of fame are catching up to at the ripe age of 22. I don't think he knows who is he and most certainly does not love himself or appreciate his most fortunate position. When you lose your values and purpose in life, it doesn't matter how much money you have, life becomes meaningless and empty and the all the things in the world do not make a rich, rewarding life.

Anonymous said...

He looks so sad, hi eyes look dead, he has been used up and is over. He did not plan for the future. I hope he can come back wiser.

Anonymous said...

It's about time someone made the correlation between the pressure brought about by early fame and mental illness. CD do you see any justice for Corey Haim in the future? And will Hollywood see its own Jimmy Savillesque scandal because of it?

Anonymous said...

It takes a lot of drugs to keep beliebing you're Jesus's son.

Jane Uk said...

Poor lad , hope he gets his head together.

Anonymous said...

He looks dead behind the eyes.

Anonymous said...

That sally guy his girlfriend sent the pictures he should have double checked her age. In Europe/uk we can have sex with an adult at 16.

Anonymous said...

I can afford to now, sending questions.

T. W. said...

Jesus had no children. Did you know some people believe they are descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene?

T. W. said...

Good Lord, we call that jail bait in the US. Age of consent varies by state. I still say 16 is young. I am old fashioned too and do not believe in fornication. How you live your life is your choice.

T. W. said...

Good for you!

Alex S said...

He does look dead behind the eyes and lost. Definitely does not look happy. I actually feel sorry for him. Too much at a young age. He needs a genuine person to be around him.

Maria said...

I was just starting to feel compassion for him. He's been talking about the falsehood of celebrity and looking for more authenticity. Then he tweets this for attention. Very douchey.

Common Sense said...

Yes, it is very "oxymoron" of him. What's next? Full nude frontal?

NicQuerica said...

Look at this guy with dead eyes grabbing his d*ck...but I heard he can't fuck. Lol Anyhow I fear Beiber is completely lost to the sauce. You know CD I've been noticing another person whose been looking kinda dead in the eyes too lately: Jennifer Lawrence. What's going on with her??