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Wednesday, May 11, 2016



Anonymous said...

CD why do we humans feel we must always be reassured that our divine intuition is correct and its on its way? And is it bad that we are like this? How can we block out the ego? Thank you x

Gillis Hills said...

Well that was a lovely two hours, CD, but I'm disappointed that none of our chat questions were answered. We were repeatedly told that they would be, but the callers took too long. Next time, can we save some time for chat questions? Or do them first? Thank you so much for doing this for us! It would be nice if you had your own radio show. You would be a real hit. :)

Kevin Lee Mackey said...

The Radio Show was unbelievable. That was Alex from the UK hosting the radio show Christian. The same Alex from the UK that called you on the Pop Odyssey network (the one from Leeds). The guy who was living his life in seclusion. Now he's hosting a world-wide radio show and doing so remarkably well!!!!!

The thought of someone being made so whole again by you Christian brings a tear to my eye. It is my absolute privilege to know you. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

You were great last night, Christian. Thank you and I hope you do it again soon!

Anonymous said...

Great show! I was there,loved it!

CyndiTx123 said...

Awesome show CD!! Congrats !!

Anonymous said...

CD would do well with his own Radio Talk Show...surely a huge hit! :)

Frugal and Fabulous said...

I loved christian on this show..he made me laugh out loud and his answers and way he explained things/life for the callers also helped me make sense and gain some perspective on things going on in my life..loved it! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to understand your stance on the psychic life and why it's hard to describe, teach or even write about it. You're an Elton John, Christian!

Anonymous said...

CD, Ronan Farrow wrote an article for The Hollywood Reporter about Woody Allen and called him a child molester. He described the whole campaing started by allen's PR people to shut down his sister Dylan and her accusations against allen. Will he ever be punished?

Gillis Hills said...

I know I'm not CD (sorry), but Woody Allen will never be punished IF he's done the things he's accused of. He's too old for one, and he has a lot of supporters in Hollywood and with his fans. His movies are the Best of Breed. His films are instant classics.

Also, many in Hollywood think that Mia Farrow is a nutcase, so that adds to their skepticism that the allegations are true. Besides that, if they had any real evidence on him, he would have been charged by now.

Jane Uk said...

Hi CD that was a great radio show, u sound just as i thought, you kept your accent, love it. Love that your dog kept barking! I bet your dog barks where ever she goes. Funny. Who was the psychic that spoke to your dad and said your end up in Beverly Hills? Just out of interest?You said his dead now. Please do another show soon, it was so interesting.

Anonymous said...

Now that was a seriously generous show.It was such a pleasure to hear. The main host and you held the space and the first hour was exceptionally engaging. I'll be listening to the host's other archived shows - we may have just heard/felt the stirring for the Host to become a Name as a sincere presenter of paranormal investigatory work and I hope he does that blossoming with his team. Really a good "show" for the worlds. I'm juggling a lot CD but I am happy inside no matter the outside madness & the show max'd my feeling of happy that chunk more. LH London :>}

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gillis Hills.

Anonymous said...

I had a wonderful time listening to it, and you were just fabulous and awesome as always CD. I really enjoyed hearing what you and everyone else had to say on the air, phones and in the chat. Everyone was really nice, and hearing Lady Gaga barking made me smile. She's adorable CD. You need your own radio or TV show ASAP!