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Monday, May 23, 2016

Oh Dear ...

Just saw Madge performing her tribute to Prince.
Seems she's been seeing Joan River's,
 plastic surgeon.


Common Sense said...

The custody battle over her son really took a toll on her. It's sad to see her looking like this all puffy and a faint resemblance of herself. Even at the Met Gala with her butt displayed outfit, it just seemed desperate and inappropriate for someone her age.

Anonymous said...

Prince is turning over in his grave. The 80s & MTV are over ppl!

Jane Uk said...

Whats wrong with going old?

Anonymous said...

Let go, Madonna, let go!

Alex S said...

It is best to grow old gracefully. Take some pride in your appearance for yourself. There is no point making yourself miserable by trying to look youthful and then failing. If you have good health, a roof over your head, food in your stomach and loving people around you as you get older, now that is a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Her plastic surgeon is making a killing.

T. W. said...

That was a nice thing you said.

T. W. said...

She needs a voice transplant, that tribute was terrible!

Anonymous said...

The Empress's new clothes and face.

Anonymous said...

Problem is everyone looks the same.

Anonymous said...

The first thing I thought when I read your comment was, ha, ha CD just channeled Joan Rivers!

Anonymous said...

She seems very desperate to stay in the spotlight. She should let it go while she still has an ounce of dignity and start spending more time with her two youngest children. I don't blame her son for not wanting to live with her.

Norah Black said...

I thought she looked good. Yeah, I mean her tribute was ok, but I kind of thought she was a little intimidated. I's Prince....come on, who wouldn't be? I would.