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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ooh the PANIC, such fun..

As all you that read this blog.
You already know.
That I predicted that Donald "Babyfart" Trump.
Would be  the GOP choice for President.
Well, then you also know that I said.
Even tough he'd get the nomination.
He wouldn't/won't get to the Whitehouse.


Anonymous said...

So, I just keep thinking that there is still hope for mankind because I know that there are very good and spiritual people on our spectacular orb that floats in space. Do any of these narcissists take even just a moment to realize that in the scheme of things we are all connected; like it or not. And, No, having many material things and access to all the the Earth offers does not make someone better than another... I personally wish that those who speak to the populace would go back to speaking properly and with is so awful to listen to the crap they spout out of their mouths. God bless us everyone...

Gaye Jowett said...

Nasty nasty nasty ignorant vile person

Gaye Jowett said...

My comments seem to be removed?

T. W. said...

The Trump show continues ...

Anonymous said...

The caption in the picture sums it up. Trump and Clinton's plan is succeeding. I hope he doesn't pick Palin as VP

chris said...

Regardless...this is going to be a very ugly election. Both candidates are divisive and hugely disliked. I'm so disappointed with how Bernie is totally dismissed by our talking-suit,pundit-heavy media. The people love Bernie. If the system wasn't rigged, he would be our next president.

Anonymous said...

I agree

Anonymous said...

.Be glad you don't have to see bernies dirty trash brought up by trump and shoved in your face 24/7.the people wouldn't love bernie anymore then!

cecilia bryant said...

I love it how your writing is red, white, and blue CD.

Anonymous said...

Clinton is as bad. They both suck! Americans must be fools!

Jane UK said...

I agree with you chris, i can't understand why Bernie isn't more popular . In England i couldn't believe that the torys gotin.Here i don't know many people who bother to vote, young people hardly at all. Is that the case over there?Things here are really hard for poor people ,they geting less and less help.One step away from the workhouses coming back!

Anonymous said...

CD, please say something about who the nice celebrities are (if there are any)...

Anonymous said...

So if what your saying,bang bang and no Trump does not get to the white house.You do realise what will happen in the streets.1776 will be a tea party and once again the wigs will have under estimated the resolve to which they will lose all over again.