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PHONE IN 6pm to 8pm TUESDAY Los Angeles time ..GOD HELP THE WORLD.

Sunday, May 8, 2016


So once again you ask??
"Christian when are you going to be on Radio" 
I go on air at 6pm to 8pm Tuesday 1oth May.
This is a call in show so go to the site for details.
On the link above.
Rest of the World Check you times.


Anonymous said…
Hi CD, Can a recording can be posted online if possible please? I want to share the time listening in case I miss it live? Hope you enjoy doing the radio show with callers and I hope you laugh and laugh if you share any celebrity gossip that tickles you! yours truly, LH in London xx
Gillis Hills said…
It's on my calendar. Can't wait!
T. W. said…
I won't be able to call in, but if someone wants to ask about me they can ;)
Christian Dion said…
I believe rant you can listen in the archives on the website of the radio station CD
Anonymous said…
Are you religious?
Anonymous said…
Is there a phone number to call in??? Cant load tune in app
Christian Dion said…
new link

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