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Friday, May 20, 2016

Sad, but trouble ahead...

This is probably going to cause me trouble.
But I can't not provide what I "See".
So here goes.
Many of you have asked,
 re the latest bombing of an airliner.
While I don't get dates, flight numbers, etc.
This is what I do sense.
My family, friends, will not be flying to or from.
For the next few months.
As well as London for the foreseeable future.


Anonymous said...

God bless you, Christian. You have saved lives.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Christian. Sending you love and light.



Anonymous said...

Hi Christian! This was such an interesting post! But I was thinking today that maybe these attacks are inside jobs??? I believe these terrorists have to be working within...if you know what I mean..but all in all, it's just so sad and depressing...I try to avoid watching the news at all costs now. Even though it's hard not to.

Christian, for the past several weeks...on and off, I've been having dreams of my ex-husband. I would tell you what they were, because I know I would need a reading, but I was told he's trying to tell me something. Is this true??? I'm so curious to find out. Thank you!

Maria said...

Thank you. You have been informing us & alerting us about these areas. I would be pretty scared to travel to Europe anytime soon. These poor, innocent people.

T. W. said...

Thank you for telling us. I pray people see you are helping and not hurting.

Common Sense said...

Thank you Christian!

Tony said...

God bless you CD

Jane Uk said...

My youngest daughter is going to Ibiza with her mate in August from birmingham airport.I can't stop her from going and you want them to enjoy themselves. I pray that she be alrite and everyone else going on holiday this summer in Europe. Sorry spelling not good

Gaye Jowett said...

Thank you x

Lorraine parson said...

Thanks Christian. I'm flying to Morocco on 25th July until 9th August. Will we be safe?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your blog so much because you really tell it like it is and most likely have saved lives. I listened to your show and LOVED it! You are a doll and so funny, entertaining and wise. There is no way I would travel in Europe at this time. I keep getting this feeling that these evil-doers will eventually target cruise liners and I was wondering if you have picked up on that too? It's just a feeling I get...maybe not this year...but it's coming.

Anonymous said...

Not good. My son is going to Germany in the near future. I don't think I can stop him.Damn.

Anonymous said...

oh wow…I have to fly through London for work in two weeks…scary

Alex S said...

I have not been on holiday since April 2008. A friend has invited us to her new villa on one of Greek Islands. We are flying out on the 27th July. Pray that we are all fine. This has been one long awaited holiday.

CyndiTx123 said...

Planning a trip to England and boarding a boat and sailing to Ireland and Scotland and back to England… with an elite cruise line… for Summer 2017. I hope and pray all is well by then!!
Sad that I will never visit Ephesus Turkey again. Just happy I got the experience it a few years ago. An archeologist gave us a personal tour and which areas he will be uncovering…. Prayers for all that are in the danger zone.

Anonymous said...

I admire your talent so much but I hope this is one of those predictions that don't come true :( I know so many people, myself included (going to Rhodes this summer) who are going to the places you've listed

Anonymous said...

Do you see anything regarding cruise lines?