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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

TOLD YA, No longer Puss in boots.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

More to come.....

Boris Johnson the Mayor of London.
Has announced,
 that he will run for a seat in Parliament.
No surprise really.
But wait till he becomes Prime Minister.
(2016 a new Mayor.
A new Direction.
from another Cliche of society.
Won't be good after the Honeymoon).


Patrick Ganley said...

He looks a little like Trump.

T. W. said...

Is London under shariah law now?

Louis said...

Funny you should raise this. I hadn't paid much attention to Sidaq Khan winning until it was announced, then "that voice" recalled an old saying from Africa...."when the Jews go its time to leave, when the Portuguese go its too late". I'll be watching London's Jewish community and their safety closely.

Anonymous said...

oh no and hard to get throught to speak to you CD

Jane Uk said...

I like Boris ,but i can't see him being Prime Minister .Do believe you CD.Just Wow, i would love to see the tories out all together.Would love you to see that.

CyndiTx123 said...

I wonder will be be a good Prime Minister for the UK ?? I have read up on him and seen him a few in the newspapers, etc.

Jane Uk said...

Cyndi here in England we would love anyone but the tories .

Anonymous said...

This guy looks like Bill Clinton.

CyndiTx123 said...

Thank you Jane for letting me know! I did more reading up on this fellow and it mentioned… "A member of the Conservative Party, Johnson considers himself a One Nation Conservative and has been described as a libertarian due to his association with both economically liberal and socially liberal police'. I just hope he is good for England- which by the way- planning my first ever visit next Summer….unless CD says- nope it won't happen… HA!!! Anyway- Wishing everyone a sweet day!

Anonymous said...

Boris is a EU exit proponent. This prediction makes me wonder just how will UK vote re: Eu referendum to stay in or out, for Boris to be PM would it be due to a swing towards exiting which paths his way to the PM role? It's interesting! Seer may know, the rest of us will have to chomp thru our nails to get there!
I sway in my opinion. I'm going to have to decide next month. But I am glad for the chance to vote. My Dad says Blighty really good at moaning but will vote to Remain. I try to tell him its more often the quality of our press. God bless everyone. xxLH London.

Christian Dion said...

The following IS NOT A PREDICTION.
The UK should have never have been in the EU to start with.
But now they are in coming out would be the worse option CD