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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

TOLD YA Round 22 ..


Monday, December 24, 2012

Rough times ahead......

It's going to be a really rough year for one "Summer Holiday" loving 60's pop star.
As he get swooped up in the 
Jimmy Saville Sex scandal.
(plus others)


Anonymous said...

Are Brad and Angelina getting a divorce?

T. W. said...

Please indict this man.

Maria said...

I swear to God, it getting to where I'm looking at everyone like they may be hiding horrible secrets. It's so gross what many people are hiding in their lives and getting away with. This is especially hideous criminal behavior. The worst! Once again I can't believe it's been kept a secret, if proven true.

Common Sense said...

And sadly, a lot of those with secrets are religious.

Anonymous said...

Well it is only saying he groped a child. Yes that is bad, but shouldn't there be more than that to raid his house? There must be more....

Jane Uk said...

I was a child in the 70's and loads of people we love to watch on the telly was involve in this, it's shocking!