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Monday, June 6, 2016

All is not well ...

Happily Richard Simmons.
Has been released from hospital.
Not really, 
he is sadly surrounded/controlled,
 by a few really nasty people.
Until, he manages to get rid of them.
He stands no chance to return to normal.
I don't see him doing so.


Frugal and Fabulous said...

:-/ that is sad, I like him!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! He better exorcise those demon to make them flee! Make them do jumping jacks or jazz-r-size.

Anonymous said...

Yeah beautiful person but trusting the wrong people out to make money. By keeping him sick and crazy, where is his family?

T. W. said...


T. W. said...

I like Richard too. I knew something odd was going on when he "refused" to leave the house. Even depressed people go out at least once in the year. Let's pray for Richard and ask God to remove the evil and evil doers from his life.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he looks physically good they have drained him and if he's not careful his bank accounts.

Common Sense said...

A real sweetheart. Makes me sad to think that there are people taking advantage of a vulnerable, kind-hearted soul.

Anonymous said...

I wish he knew how many people really like and care for him. He's given to others most of his life; now it's the public's turn to give back our love and support. Maybe if someone can send Christian's prediction/wariness over this situation, Richard can see it and learn from it. One often is too close to the source(s) to see negativity; I don't have Facebook, but maybe someone here can send him this link as a loving warning.

Thank you, CD, for your post. I hope with all my heart Richard sees it.


Jane Uk said...

Life is so awful sometimes and there is nasty people out there who have no morals from takin aventage of others, hope the hospital are keeping a eye on him.

Anonymous said...

He cares so much for others. It's time to put himself first.

jwoo75 said...

How sad. Maybe all the people that love him - and there are a lot - should schedule a "jailbreak!"

T. W. said...

The National Enquirer is reporting Richard has fully transitioned to become a woman named Fiona.

Anonymous said...

TW, I just saw the pictures in the Daily Mail. If this is true, it is so so sad that s/he had to live nearly a whole life as a "wrong fit".

T. W. said...

True. While I don't agree with transgenderism, it is his life and his decision to make. God gave us free will. I will not judge Richard or Fiona.